Wednesday, February 29, 2012

La-La-La, Wonder Show!

Radio Free Strawberry
Once upon a time, in a Midwestern college, there was a radio station with no transmitter to speak of. Seriously, the entire listening audience was in the hallway outside the studio.

Now, I went to Fordham and spent my college years with radio waves from WFUV beaming directly into my brain. The signal was so powerful that it interfered with our reception of a popular station that was at a similar frequency.

So when His Awesomeness told me about the radio show he did at this station, I made fun of him. And he didn't care. There's this Midwestern quality that Parks and Recreation captures well. This philosophy can be summed up thusly:
Our stuff may be lame, but it's OUR stuff, so we love it.
But The Wonder Show DJs (with Jim the Radio Guy, Mike the Radio Guru (aka HA) and John the Radio Gross) didn't care how small their audience was. They could've decided to do a lame show since no one seemed to be listening. But instead they did weird, fantastical things to keep themselves entertained. And people listened.

They made t-shirts, threw a Charlie Brown style Thanksgiving on a card table in the hall (complete with toast and popcorn) and had wacky, wondrous adventures. NASA sent them into space where they found naturally occurring furniture (HA took home an alien couch because he needed one.). They did an all-singing episode that included the ditty, "They're Getting Married at the Boston Market," in which they sang the words of an actual article about a couple that met and decided to be married at a Boston Market.

They took the show to a St. Louis kids' station for a while until it closed and they went their separate ways. Until the magic of the internets brought them back in podcast form.

They broadcast live on blogtalkradio every Thursday night at 10 pm Eastern Time, and then the episodes become available for download. You can subscribe on iTunes.

Here are some of their favorite episodes of the podcast.

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