Monday, February 6, 2012

Tunnel of Thanks for Nothing

Landslide of fudgeHA and I own a bundt cake pan that we've never gotten around to using. With all these migraines, baking hasn't been the highest priority.

But I've been having a few good days, so I've been thinking about taking the pan out for a spin. And what better use for a bundt pan than a good ol' Tunnel of Fudge cake?

If you're too young to remember, once upon a time in the 80s, you could buy a cake mix that included a packet of gooey frosting that you put inside the cake. (First you'd pour in some batter, then the tunnel of fudge, then more batter.) Soooo good.

After some quick google-fu, I discovered that the original Pillbury bake-off recipe used a frosting mix that isn't made anymore. So now the only way to make a Tunnel of Fudge cake is to make a chocolate cake that, through some food chemistry voodoo, forms a tunnel of fudge in the proper location.

I have a few problems with this.
  1. Chocolate cake with chocolate filling is WAY too much chocolate for me.
  2. The official version of the recipe insists that chopped walnuts are critical to the food chemistry voodoo. Not only can't I eat walnuts because of the migraines, but I firmly believe that nuts don't belong in chocolate cake. Not in brownies. Not in chocolate chip cookies. You may disagree, but that's fine by me--more yucky brownies with nuts for you.
  3. Several bloggers that have made this cake comment on the ridonkulous about of sugar in this cake. I am a fat 40year old with a family history of diabetes and no desire to mess up my health any more than it already is. If a blogger who's making a cake a week thinks this has a lot of sugar, maybe I don't mess with this one.
  4. Seriously? No one can come up with a fudge/frosting recipe that would lead to a tunnel of fudge in any type of cake? That seems implausible. And I am NOT the person to start experimenting in the kitchen until I strike upon the recipe that I think should exist. Hell, I can't even be bothered to go more than 5 pages into the Google results.
Please leave all bundt cake recipe suggestions and Tunnel of Fudge reminiscences in the comments.


  1. The recipe seems like it is just cake that isn't cooked through. I have no clue. I DO remember my mother making this lemon stuff that the "sauce" would be under the cake.
    I completely agree about nuts in things. I pick them out and truly don't give a rats ass about what the people around me think. Nothing wrecks a brownie for me more than chewing into a chunk of nut. Yuk.
    though...unlike you, in my world there is no such thing as too much chocolate. Fortunately my migraines are stress triggered so I can devour all food stuffs. Come to think about it, maybe my stress chocolate consumption DOES lead to migraine....will have to keep track.

  2. Well, I make a box cake and then poke holes through both the layers with the handle of a wooden spoon. Then I fill the holes with Dove chocolate sauce, then I frost the fucker with chocolate frosting from the can. It is my most often requested family dish. Not a tunnel cake, but maximum sauce.+1 on nuts in baked goods. Ugh.


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