Friday, July 6, 2012

Cheers and Jeers

I have many blog posts planned, many of which are never going to happen. I mean, seriously, does anyone really think that I'm going to start a series of posts where I parse those pictures with text everyone shares on Facebook which are well intentioned, but are actually kind of asinine? You know the ones, they mean to comfort people that their late mothers are in Heaven, but say that moms are washing windows in the afterlife because they don't even get a break when they're dead. Have I met me? I hate these things just enough to complain about them to my husband, but not enough to make the effort to write a post and hurt people's feelings.

I can barely accomplish anything lately what with all the driving 4 hours+ every weekend to visit my kid. This isn't parenting, it's dating. And very disorienting.

So, since I can't compose a coherent post, here's some Cheers and Jeers, or Things That Don't Suck, and Things That Do.

Jeers to the traffic at the George Washington Bridge last weekend. Apparently, there was a Yankee home game about an hour after I needed to be crossing that bridge and people still think it's a good idea to approach the stadium in a car even though there's a subway station right there that is much better suited to handling the tens of thousands of people. We were's going 2 mph at some points. So fuck all y'all.

Jeers to Hector the Migraine Fairy for visiting me on the 4th of July. I believe the official migraine trigger was Don Knott's voice in the episode of The Andy Griffith Show we were watching in honor of the great man's passing. Damn that Barney Fife.

Cheers to TCM for showing 1776 on the 4th. Some people like to see Yankee Doodle Dandy every year, but for me, it's gotta be this scene (filmed at a stage production. The film version isn't online.):

Who doesn't love Ben Franklin singing and dancing? And the Franklinettes? I mean, really?

Cheers to there still being hot dogs at the food co-op when I sent His Awesomeness there when it became apparent that I wasn't going to recover in time for us to go out to the cookout at my aunt's house. And raspberries. Those were nice.

Jeers to the vertigo that keeps sneaking up on me whenever I try to stretch my neck. Dude, back the fuck off. Uncool. Back off or I'll pelt you with...I don't know...something. It'll hurt. Pelting is never good.

Jeers to me for having no idea whether I watered the houseplants last weekend. Hang in there little fellas.

Cheers to the houseplants for looking fine even if I didn't water them, so whatever.

Cheers to my good friend Orenthal for letting me do a guest post about last week's episode of Longmire on his pop culture blog Multimedium Rare. Even if Longmire isn't your thing, do pay him a visit. He writs about lots of stuff.

So what are your cheers and jeers?

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