Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Enjoying the Silence

School Yard Wall-eIt's the kid's first full day of school and I'm in the middle of 6 hours of alone time for the first time in six weeks. Even the toddler howling in the street isn't grating my nerves. I had foot surgery last week and it was the most relaxing thing I've done in ages.

His Awesomeness is taking the kid to school until the school bus kicks in (it's on his way to work) and I'll pick her up. This is his account of how it went:
Trip to school went okay.  Arrived right at 8:20.  I walked her to the schoolyard and stopped about 20 feet from the gate, because I figured she’d want to walk in on her own without her nerdy dad around.  But she immediately asked “Is that only as far as you’re going to take me?”  I apologized, saying that I didn’t know how far she wanted me to walk with her, and that I’d be happy to walk further.  So, I walked her into the yard, at which point she surreptitiously waved me away, as apparently I had now walked *too* far with her.  Oops!  So much to learn...
Ah yes, nothing is easy. I'm thinking of creating a game to amuse myself. Maybe I'll make bingo cards, or maybe I'll just give myself a prize every fifth or tenth time I say certain phrases. So far I have:

  • You can have a snack AFTER you eat some real food.
  • You have to eat a protein that isn't pepperoni.
  • suppressing the urge to say "Because I said so" because it would be pointless to say it out loud.
  • Pepperoni isn't a carbohydrate.
  • You can buy it with your own money (but I'm not buying it for you).
  • Not even if you buy it with your own money (usually refers to age-inappropriate clothes or inappropriately-timed sweets).
  • When you join a band, we can talk about it (in reference to faux leather mini-skirts, metal studded bras and other garments that would be appropriate stage wear, but slut wear in most other contexts.
Join in. What sentences do you say too often, either at home or at work?


  1. No you can't have blue hair. Green is much more practical because you can rock it for Christmas AND St. Paddy's.

  2. Ooo...good list (mimics mine).

    Mine includes:
    These are your choices. Which do you want?
    What's your plan?
    We like weird.
    There's no food in your food.
    Being sick isn't fun (because if you miss school, you are stuck home all day. And no, we don't get to eat out.)

    FYI - I consider my 'uncoolness' to be a superpower. I can make anything suck. (It'a amazing how fast someone can move when Mom is going to be embarrassing.)


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