Friday, October 12, 2012

Movie Update

186/365 - 04/02/10 [365 Days @ 50mm] - D'Comeback Movie PremiereI've been busy with my paid writing gigs, and no, the one penny I earn in ad revenue from each post here doesn't count. (If you're new here, the ads are mostly for my own amusement, since I love seeing what the Google elves decide makes a good match or each post. Let me know in the comments if you see an ad that amuses you by its presence too.)

I had a piece up on Your Tango about how some NYC high schools are giving kids Plan B without parental notification. If you haven't checked it out already, please do. Or don't. I know you've got shit to do.

Anyway, the cultural exchange has continued. S has introduced us to the awesome cartoons Adventure Time and Invader Zim. She has also subjected us to Back at the Barnyard (which, dudes, seriously, that cow has udders and yet it's a guy? um what?), Fan Boy & Chum Chum (which didn't make any more sense to me when I actually paid attention to it, so ok, I guess) and Happy Tree Friends (which I took the fuck off the Netflix Instant Queue because I couldn't stand the sound of woodland creatures being squished to death in every single episode).

On the movie front, she's selected Gothika (way better than expected going from her taste, I mean, it's actually good, you should totally see it), Paranormal Activity 2 (agony, except that agony would at least be interesting. even she was annoyed by it), Candyman (hey, at least it had a plot), Dolls (stupid, but awesome and I totally called who was going to make it to the end), Bag of Bones (good, and day-m Pierce Brosnan still looks yummy, but SPOILER ALERT, seriously, Stephen King? There's a curse made by a black woman with her dying breath that's actually a real curse that makes people do stuff they wouldn't do otherwise because...she was black, I guess? That is some "mystical primitive" racist BS right there Uncle Stevie), and Paranormal Entity (such a lame Paranormal Activity rip off that the Netflix description points out that it's not the famous movie you're thinking of.)

We have shown her Labyrinth (shrug), The Dark Crystal (shrug), Star Wars (shrug) and Evil Dead 2 ("it was a good story, but the effects were cheap", as opposed to Paranormal Activity and its $10,000 budget, I guess). I attempted to show her the Make Em Laugh bit from Singin' in the Rain and she texted through the whole thing, refusing to look at the TV. She will now be haunted by the ghost of Donald O'Conner. I did warn her.

I'll include it here because I know you have better sense than to miss a chance to watch this awesome number.

I, for one, look forward to the haunting.

I Tivo'd Jeff Dunham's new special for her because she thinks he's hilarious. If you're unaware of him, Jeff Dunham is America's favorite racist, misogynist ventriloquist. I thought he was hilarious when I was 13 too, but he didn't have as many racist puppets then and certainly wasn't making the hacky "my ex-wife took all my money" jokes. It made me so sad to see an audience of adults laugh at his unfunny shit. And yes, I watched it. It went down like this.

Me to HA: Do you think she's going to make us watch it with her?
HA to me: I dunno. 

Later, The Kid to us: Can we watch Jeff Dunham together later?
Me: sure.
HA & Me: [laughter]
TK: What's so funny?
Me: We were just wondering before if you were going to let us watch it with you.

So what have your kids been subjecting you to?

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  1. I guess I am lucky my son knows I hate WWE wrestling as I stopped watching it when I was younger then him know we watch Doctor Who together. I lucked out.


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