Friday, November 30, 2012

As You Wish

"As you wish."I Love The Princess Bride. It's one of my favorite movies. (And if you have the chance to listen to the audiobook read by Rob Reiner, do it.) 

I've seen the movie so many times that the whole pirate thing has started to bother me. The Dread Pirate Roberts leaves no survivors, you know. So Buttercup's Sweet Wesley has spent the past five years as a mass murderer. 

Yeah, um.

Then, at the end, he offers Inigo the chance to take over. I have to think that someone who just killed his father's murderer in the name of vengeance wouldn't go into the mass murdering business just to make a few dubloons.


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  1. I always assumed that the dread pirate's reputation was more fiction than fact. I mean, if he really leaves no prisoners, then how would anyone know about him? Since the piracy all takes place offscreen, we can't say for certain if Wesley actually did kill everyone or just used his reputation as a mass killer to strike terror into those he encountered and scare them away, leaving the booty for the taking. Considering what a generally good guy he is in the rest of the movie, I prefer to believe the latter.


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