Friday, January 18, 2013

A Typical Day in Life of a Freelancer

“One must still have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.” —Friedrich Nietzsche  / Chaos / SML.20121204.IP3
This is not what my desk looks like,
but it feels that way.
  1. Take laundry down to laundry room. 
  2. Discover two of the three machines are busy.
  3. Set timer on phone for when they'll be finished. 
  4. Return to apartment.
  5. Write morning pages in the morning for once.
  6. Go down to laundry room and start laundry.
  7. Repeat step 3.
  8. Make and eat lunch while watching DVR'd episodes of Daily Show and Colbert from last night or possibly two nights ago.
  9. Put laundry in dryers, repeating step 3.
  10. Futz around online because it's all part of the process, and holy fuck, it's 1:30, I need tea, no wonder I'm so spacey.
  11. Make tea.
  12. Go fold laundry.
  13. Discover that one of the dryers (from the dreaded Left stack - they take ten minutes longer than those in the Right stack and no one knows why they're programmed that way) didn't actually dry all the clothes. 
  14. Place damp clothes to dryer in the Right stack.
  15. Repeat step 3.
  16. Actually drink cup of tea while playing some video games, which is my way of waking my brain up.
  17. Reread the e-mail to an editor I drafted in step 10 was actually fine as is (but I wasn't sure because of the fuzzy needing-caffeine brain), and send it.
  18. Do some research for an assignment the editor gave me (whee!).
  19. Start an email to a source for the assignment.
  20. Phone alarm goes off.
  21. Fold the last bit of laundry.
  22. Ponder how little I've gotten done this week (Four doctor's appointments in three days, then laundry debacle today and how the fuck is it 3 o'clock?). Feel the self loathing rising like bile.
  23. Finish and send email to source.
  24. Contemplate starting freelance copyediting work, then realize that I should really drop off that prescription before 4 o'clock just in case they have to order it, which they sometimes do.
  25. Go to pharmacy where there are 3 people ahead of me.
  26. Almost hug guy who lets me go ahead of him because I clearly only have to hand over a piece of paper and walk out.
  27. Cross the street to the Duane Reade, feeling guilty about not making all my purchases at the family pharmacy. (They have my bank's ATM, their own line of cookies I was in the mood for and I would buy toilet paper from the family pharmacy if I could find it - maybe they keep it hanging from the ceiling. I dunno.)
  28. Get so distracted by this guilt that I forget to use the $7 off coupon for my vitamins until I'm walking out the door.
  29. You'd think that I would've gotten over the guilt long enough to remember while waiting at the ATM in the Duane Reade behind three people, but you would be wrong.
  30. Get home. Sit in front of computer to eat cookies and play video game before doing the copyediting mentioned in step 24.
  31. Write blog post instead. Don't bother with self loathing.
  32. Realize it is now 4 o'clock, the same time I sat down to work on the copyediting that I did on the previous two days when I was out at the doctor for a good chunk of the day.
  33. Discover husband may be coming home early. View this is a bad thing because it cuts into my working time. I could tell him to leave me alone, so I could work, but I not going to, and yet I still manage to feel annoyed at him. Cue the self loathing.
  34. Eat the cookies.
  35. Finally start editing knowing that the husband could walk through the door at any moment.
  36. Wonder if that feeling is self loathing or acid reflux.
  37. Get a Tums, then return to editing.
  38. Hope tomorrow is more productive.


  1. SSouns like my day every day except without the laundry and in an office! Never know where the time goes!


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