Friday, January 11, 2013

Bad News, Good News

day 094: down pipe #26Bad News: We came home from visiting the in-laws in the Midwest to discover a definite bulge in the bathroom ceiling (caused by a leak from the apartment upstairs).

Good News: I knew how to address the problem (poke a hole in it with a screwdriver to let the water out in a controlled manner instead of waiting for the ceiling to just fall apart).

Bad News: Our note to the super got no results. I called the management company who told me to talk to the porter who's easier to reach than the super. When I talked to the porter, he told me to talk to the super who was in his apartment right at that moment. But didn't respond to my knocking.

Good News: The porter was then all, "whoa, you've gone two whole days without a response? Let me go look at your ceiling right now." He even sent the super up later that evening. The porter came the next morning to open up the ceiling as promised.

Bad News: I was using the shower at the time.

Good News: He came back half an hour later and still got everything done before the plumber came. The plumber arriving when you need him and not two weeks later is akin to a miracle in these parts.

Bad News: The porter didn't come two days later as promised to close up the ceiling (after waiting for everything to dry out). 

Good News: We didn't really expect him to.

Bad News: He didn't come two days after that when I was hoping he'd come because I had a doctor's appointment and being out while he made all the noise would've been nice.

Good News: I ran into him on the way back from the doctor and he promised to come the next morning.

Bad News: He spent three and half hours in there, making ungodly noises, spraying something that smelled like bleach (that I could smell all the way on the other side of the apartment) and coming and going without telling me how long he'd be gone, so I never knew if it would be OK if I actually used the bathroom. I just waited since I didn't want to be still using the euphemism when he came back. I mean, I've been living here for three years and the guy still calls me "excuse me," so me going potty while he's waiting outside the door is just not a place out relationship is ready to go.

Good News: During those three and a half hours, he fixed EVERYTHING. The ceiling (new sheetrock and painting), the tile soap holder that fell down months ago (the super said he told the porter to fix it, but it never happened), and the peeling paint on the bathroom door. Dude just repainted one side of the door.

Bad News: Needless to say, my building doesn't use that fancy newfangled paint that comes without the toxic fumes. And since it was the outside of the bathroom door he painted, I can't just close the door, open the window and let all the fumes vent out into the great outdoors. So it's been migraine-a-go-go, even with my homeopathic drops.

Good News: I have absolutely nothing to nag the super about and all this was done BEFORE we gave the super and porter their Christmas/New Years tip.

Bad News: I wrote the above yesterday morning. While making my lunch, I heard a noise. Sort of a drip...drip...drip noise. And now I have a leak in the kitchen ceiling. And the porter and super are MIA. Me and my big mouth.

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