Friday, February 15, 2013

Go On Without Me

Blue January
Photo credit The Cleveland Kid
I'm still behind on everything thanks to being sick for most of January. Speaking of which, have you noticed how people complain (on Facebook and in real life) how they and all the kids are deathly ill at once and January can suck it, and they all say these things as if they're surprised because they've forgotten that every January they've lived through has been exactly like this one (i.e. rife with pestilence)? It's like how everyone in NYC starts speculating about whether we'll have a white Christmas at the start of December even though NYC doesn't get cold enough for snow in most Decembers and in my 40+ years, it's only happened twice, maybe thrice. And June isn't super hot, but September can be, but everyone is shocked about it every year. It's like people have the attention span of goldfish.

Anyway, I'm at that wonderful stage where I'm feeling better, so I want to do lots of stuff, but I'm out of shape from all the bed rest, so I get winded just putting on my boots. Good times. So here are some links for your edification and amusement.

Via The Hairpinother cakes you can make with a penis cake pan. It's as hilarious as it sounds. 

Via The Bloggess, misidentifications in FB photos. Be sure to look at all 5 pages, since you do not want to miss the second to last one. Trust me. 

Via Epbot, on gender equality in kid's undies. It makes me nostalgic for my Wonder Woman Underoos and furious that the little girls of today are deprived of that.

Even fashion bloggers can have homina, homina moments. Maybe not love at first sight, but recognition that it was coming.


  1. Why does everyone complain lthat it's cold? Don't we live in the northeast and isn't it February? I don't think this is newsworthy!!! It's crazy!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the link love! Because what's the point of self-humiliation if it can't entertain others?


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