Friday, March 8, 2013

C is For Cookie, Baby

So I went a little crazy in the cookie aisle the other day. They had me at "Limited Edition" and "2 for $8" because sometimes those marketing tactics just work on me, OK? With all the bitchy posts around here, I think it's clear that I could use a fucking cookie. Or ten.

BTW, does it even need to be said that this is not a compensated post? No one is paying me to talk about Oreos to my tens of readers. And let's face it, if anyone made the offer, I'd probably be all "fuck you and your high-fructose corn syrup." But send me out to the drug store with instructions to pick up something sweet while I'm out, and then show me cookies with more cream filling than they even have in double stuffs and I'm your bitch.

Yeah, I'm a big ol' hypocrite, but I made quadruple stuffs. Except that these have more filling than double stuff, so I made quintuple stuffs, sextuple stuffs, maybe? I'm only willing to go so far to quantify my snack foods. Though I will say that chocolate-covered oreos are too chocolately. I don't think I've ever eaten one, but I'm still agin' 'em. Some things are just wrong. But cream filling, I have yet to discover an amount that is too much.

First you take them apart...

Then you make a super giant cookie!!!! Laughing a mad scientist laugh is totally optional, but does enhance the experience.

Reader, it was goooooood.

They also have this Neapolitan Oreo. The Big Mac of Oreos, if you will. Unsurprisingly, it tastes weird. And it does taste different depending on whether you eat it with the chocolate on top or on the bottom. 

Blogger pro tip: If you can't find any uncluttered surfaces in your home (OK, who are we kidding, WHEN you can't find any uncluttered surfaces in your home), place objects on your couch to be photographed, or simply crop the photo so close that no one can see all the vitamin bottles sitting right next to the plate of food. Just to randomly pick an example out of the air. Also use your cell phone, because blurry photos hide A LOT. I can't believe it took me so long to figure that out.

Share your current favorite cookie and blogger pro tips in the comments. 

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