Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dollar Store Haul

There's a dollar store around the corner from my apartment. I try not to go in there too often because dollar store = cheap crap that's going to break soon after being shipped to the US at great environmental expense. But you know how it is, sometimes you need toilet paper and can't possibly drag yourself two whole blocks to the drug store. Or you need refills for your mechanical pencil and there are no conveniently located office supply stores, so you decide to see if they have any. 

You're me in this scenario, of course. In real life you may shop in dollar stores all the time, and all power to you.

To my amazement, they had mechanical pencil refills in fine, medium and bold - for all your mechanical pencil needs. They were so easy to find that I couldn't just pay and go home. So I decided to look around and see what wonders the dollar store had in store for me.

My haul:

All the writing on this package is in a language I don't read. Except for the words "Eco Wrap" and "Made in China," which doesn't guarantee that the packaging is labeled in Chinese. Could be Korean, maybe? 

Anyway, going from the pictures, instead of messing with plastic wrap, we can use this thing to top bowls and cups, creating an airtight seal by pressing down in the center. Whoopie!

Hell, the thrill of figuring out what it does without being able to read the label is worth a buck.

I also bought this jaunty little hat, also featured in the self portrait above. I actually stood there for several minutes dithering over whether to buy this awesome little children's hairclip that I absolutely had to own, but did I really? 

For $1, I'm certain to get more wears per dollar out of the thing than the fancy fascinators I've bought myself over the years, so let's just congratulate me for not buying one in every color, OK?

I'm also considering starting a series of self portraits featuring accessories purchased at the dollar store. I did notice they had giant novelty sunglasses. (Are we seeing the other reason I don't go into the dollar store that often? Kid in a freaking candy store.)

Lastly, I found colorful mini clothes pins. Paperclips are for suckers! I haven't opened the bag yet, but these are totally going to be useful, I tell you. Ooh, I just thought of a way they can come in handy with my knitting projects too. So, totally useful purchase and not something that will sit unopened for the next six months. For realsies.

What's your best dollar store haul?

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