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I'm swamped with migraines, Passover and paying work, so here's some other stuff you can read until I can catch up with you.

Riveting story, and be sure not to miss the last section. An adult who was attacked as a child says that no amount of parental warnings would've saved him because he knew his attacker. This is only one case, but our culture of parental paranoia isn't enough to keep our kids safe, so maybe we should chill the fuck out a little.

Here's an excellent tumblr about male entitlement on public transportation. Of course, it's been highjacked by the whole "you should just ask nicely" argument. There was a whole #Iaskednicely thing on Twitter a few days ago that can be summarized thus: when women ask for their rights nicely, they often get yelled at, assaulted, raped, etc. 

Last year, I stuck my head out the window to ask someone in front of my building to stop yelling at the top of his lungs. He and his wife started screaming at me and he started waving around a police badge. I was in no physical danger, but was a nervous wreck for the rest of the day and wondered for days if he was going to show up at my door in an official capacity in response to an "anonymous complaint." 

So it's not OK for you to take up more than one seat until someone asks you to move because they may be afraid to for legitimate reasons. And you're not hung like Jon Hamm, so there's no reason for you to sit with your legs spread wide open anyway. And I'm willing to bet that Jon Hamm is too polite to sit that way, so you have no excuse.

Here's a great story about a visit to Ireland. And yes, I know I still owe you a recap of this year's Corned Beef Fest.

Commentary on the songs from Annie, the 1982 movie. I used to sing along to this with friends when I was around ten. Kudos to our parents for never interrupting us singing "Hard Knock Life" with threats to give us a few hard knocks if we didn't give it a rest already. We sang it a lot, is what I'm saying.

Don't know what we mean by "rape culture," or think we're full of shit when we use that term? This explains it nicely.

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