Friday, March 1, 2013

Open Letter to People Who Need to Fuck Off, Healthcare Reform Edition

Ethinyl estradiol
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To the weasels in congress who created the provision that insurance companies had to pay for birth control 100%, but only those brands each insurance company itself decided to include in that coverage:
Wow, you really are a bunch of dickwads, aren't you? Was it really going to threaten future campaign donations *that* much to give us the full coverage you were saying you were? I still haven't forgotten how you all rushed to pass legislation to force insurance companies to cover Viagra as soon as it hit the market. But birth control? That takes major health control reform and you still don't give it to us completely. Weasels.

(Note: my insurance company is giving 100% coverage to some name brands, but not all generics. Neither version of the medication I'm currently taking is included on their list. Of course. Your results may vary.)

To the lazy asses in the media who reported the rules about the new law only applying to plans that started after the day the law went into effect, but never mention this little detail:
I guess you didn't find out until your health plan renewed and you got a little surprise at the pharmacy too. I'll bet your pharmacist had no idea why your insurance wasn't paying, just like mine didn't. Because if our journalists don't know bupkis, then how can we possibly expect the people actually billing the insurance companies for the meds to know what's going on.

To the customer service rep at my insurance company who told me that government created the list of 100% covered birth control brands, not the insurance company:
Nice try, douchenozzle. Planned Parenthood has several Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, so finding out the truth took all of fifteen minutes.

Some days there is just not enough hate to go around.

So who do you hate today?

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