Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrops On A Rose
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I'm abstaining from the worrying about safety that's going on in NYC, because this isn't about us. It happened to Boston and it's about them. And the marathon runners from around the world who traveled to participate. 

Also, I'm just so tired of being scared that all terrorists domestic, international and otherwise can go fuck themselves. I've over the whole fucking thing. Blame Georgie B and all the nimrods in NYC office buildings who increased security whenever the security level was raised to Orange outside of NYC. Because buildings that housed cancer treatment centers and banks that no one could ever remember the name of are totally valid targets of international terrorists who probably couldn't name five major US cities.

Anyhoodle, so instead let's talk about escapism and the things we escape with.

When I need to bury my head, I go for:

  • The True Blood books. I haven't seen the HBO series yet, but I'm told they have very little in common. Just characters with the same names, vampires, a lots of sex. Hot sex. Damn, this woman can write sex. While never using the phrase "throbbing member" I might add. And she writes great romance that never makes me want to smack Sookie, so yay for that.
  • Fan fiction. I have some Buffy and Torchwood fan fiction loaded up on my Kindle. I made the mistake of reading one piece of Buffy fan fic one day and lost several hours. It was one page on the web, but over 100 pages in, well, pages. Hence the Kindle-fication. 
  • Adding movies and TV shows to my Netflix queue. It's like shopping, but without the added expense.
  • Baking pies. I swear to God, I'm gonna get the hang of making a pie crust from scratch. It's just challenging enough to grab all of my attention, distracting me from whatever. And wailing away on the butter with the pastry cutter to mix it into the flour is a nice way to release some aggravation.
  • Knit korknisses (little elf dolls, if you don't want to click). I must've done 200 of them by now, including the 150 I did for my brother's wedding favors. I can finish one in about half an hour. Then I make then climb all over HA. Which is fun.
OK, your turn. What's your favorite escapism? Share links and suggestions in the comments.

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