Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Stuff Is Random

I have another new piece up on YourTango, this time about Oversharing Moms

Things I have heard from the apartment directly above mine in the past two weeks:
  • Some sort of Christian church choir music, played very loudly. The guy who lives there and is home all day was singing along at some points.
  • Chanting, or a perhaps Buddhist nature. Coming from the same guy. Maybe he's doing a religion of the week thing.
  • The guy's phone vibrating. I swear, it's like that episode of the IT crowd where they soup up a phone to vibrate really, really hard. Because regular vibrations aren't enough for real techies.
Oh, here. Just watch it. Crank up the volume, because it's really quiet for some reason.

Louis C.K. has finally gotten a handle on the whole male violence/unfunny rape joke thing and has come  up with a funny, feminist bit about rape. No, really. He was only about halfway there when he discussed the issue with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, but he's since finished the trip.

Share random stuff in the comments. I need all the randomness I can get right now.

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