Friday, April 26, 2013

Surrounded By The Crazy

Doctor Tom Saves The Day!
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So the other day I had the dreaded two-doctor appointment day. I can't schedule them too close together because that's asking for trouble, but no matter how well I try to plan it, I still end up with way too much time away from my desk (translation: not making any money). It's a good thing I wasn't rushed because I kept encountering people who didn't seem to understand how things work.

After appointment #1, I went to a generic Midtown deli that has plenty of seating upstairs, and the mediocre food that leads to empty seats. While I was eating lunch, a large stroller (aka baby SUV) appeared next to my table. A couple and their adorable baby sat in a booth right next to me. The couple took out a baby plate and a thermos of baby food, and proceeded to feed the baby. They may have even changed baby's diaper right there in the dining area, but I was really trying not to look to close at that activity. 

I really felt like pointing out to them that it's customary to purchase food items from a restaurant before taking up space in it and blocking the aisles, but whatever. Assholes are going to be assholes. And they'd carried the baby SUV up the stairs past who knows how many store employees, so not my problem. At one point, I saw the mom drinking a fountain soda, so I figured they eventually bought a soda, but now that I think of it, this wasn't McDonald's. I don't think they have soda machines.

After a while I moseyed uptown towards appointment #2. Upon discovering that the secret Starbucks in the Sony store on Madison Avenue was closed for the day, I went to another generic Midtown deli to get my afternoon tea and wait for my appointment time.

At generic Midtown deli #2, I decided to use the restroom before leaving. I got on line behind a guy who was standing under the big "Restroom" sign. And we waited. And waited. And then the guy gave up and walked away. I got closer to the bathroom door and saw the sign on the door itself about how there's a key at the counter. I was about to go to the counter and ask for the key (in case we'd been waiting outside an empty bathroom) when an employee came out of the stockroom and offered to unlock the door for me. He knocked on the door a bunch of times and called out if there was someone in there, determined that there was and didn't unlock the door.

So I waited, wondering if I really wanted to use the restroom after someone who'd been in there that long. Until another employee came along, went through the same routine and unlocked the door on an empty bathroom. Once inside, I noticed that there's a physical latch on the door separate from the lock, so the first employee could've tried the lock and wouldn't have been able to walk in on anyone anyway. 

I arrive for appointment #2 a few minutes before 2:30. I sit waiting for half an hour, which is pretty unusual for this place. So I finally get up to ask how much longer it's going to be. Before I open my mouth, the receptionist informs me snippily that my appointment was for 3:30. I was so taken aback, all I could say was, "That's news to me." They must've entered the appointment incorrectly when they called to reschedule it because the doctor was going to be out of the office when I was originally supposed to come in. And apparently, the receptionist has a tragic disorder that prevented her from telling me about my appointment time when I first came in and still had time to go away and do something instead of sit in an uncomfortable wooden chair for an hour.

Finally a new assistant took me back and commented on how early I'd come in. So I let her have it about how my appointment was for 2:30 and they didn't bother saying anything. I would feel bad about telling off an innocent bystander, but then she tried to give me someone else's dental appliance. I was there for a new dechompinator, as discussed at my last appointment. But she showed me this massive thing that I've never seen before and would not take my word for it when I said that it wasn't mine.

So I got pissed off. 

She went to get a more senior assistant and she must've told the office manager about the timing because someone else came in, calling me Ms. Aniston (new pet peeve: reason #1 for taking my husband's name was that I was tired of people screwing up my last name, and now people mistake me for Jennifer Aniston. Not in person, but you know what I mean.) and apologizing about the wait.

The senior assistant came in and asked what the problem was. So I explained about the giant not mine gaggy torture device and how I was just there for a new dechompinator, and she was like, yeah, it's right here (indicating something that looked like what I expected). Things went smoothly from there, though the new assistant came back in and didn't apologize for trying to put someone else's dental appliance into my mouth, or insisting that she was right.

Maybe Jennifer Aniston sees the same doctor and she's getting a new giant gaggy torture device/dental appliance.

Have you been surrounded by the crazy lately, or is it just me?

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