Monday, April 1, 2013

The Magazine Rack

Back when Maura Magazine launched, I applauded the short length (4-5 articles per week) because my magazine rack runneth over with magazines I have yet to get to. 

Shortly after that, I took this picture of my magazine rack and made a list of what was in it. I even moved some of the magazines to the coffee table so I could make an extra effort to get through them. I made it halfway through an interesting cover article in New York magazine before that effort stalled.

So here's what I found, and what they're doing here:

  • Knit Picks catalog - 2 - For the uninitiated, they sell yarn, knitting books, etc.
  • Glamour - 2 - I subscribed to this since they have a personal essay contest and I write those, but it turns out that the contest is the only time they publish personal essays, so this really isn't a market I could break into outside of the contest. And since the contest has a different judge every year, researching the individual judge and flipping through a couple of issues at the library would've done just as well. So not worth the subscription considering what all the perfume ads do to my migraines.
  • New York magazine - 4 - This is a weekly, so it's hard to stay on top of it. I get it free as part of a professional association I belong to. Some of the features are fascinating, but fortunately, some of them are on subjects that I don't care about, so that speeds things up.
  • Brooklyn magazine - 1 - I have no idea why they keep sending me this. I don't pay for it. Maybe it's because I get New York?
  • Writer's Digest - 4 - I really get behind on these because so many of the articles have to do with honing my craft, which isn't exactly bathroom reading. I need to find a better way to fit these into my daily schedule.
  • Oprah - 2 - I refuse to call it "O." You can't make me. It's like all the self improvement books in one place. Funnily enough, I tend to skip over the book section since I've already read about most of the books they cover in Entertainment Weekly and New York. (Note: Entertainment Weekly never gets left to marinate in the magazine rack - we have our priorities.)
  • Bust - 3 - Feminist pop culture magazine. If you're not reading it, you should give it a try. Warning to those with kids in the house: They have a sex section towards the end, so you may not want to leave it where they can find it. Or you might, if they're at an age when they could stand to read a sex advice column that isn't in Cosmo.
  • Interweave Knits - 1 - Knitting magazine with patterns.
  • AT&T Insider - 1- Comes with our cell phone plan. Apparently, I felt it deserved more than a quick perusal before going straight into the recycling.
  • Fordham Alumni magazine - 2
  • Gift catalogs that would've been useful when shopping for Christmas - 5
  • Yoga at Home (a one-off from Yoga Journal). I keep meaning to read this, but my mild vertigo has been keeping me from restarting my home yoga practice, so reading a practical guide seem fairly pointless at the moment.
  • Yoga Journal - 5 - The oldest one dates from March 2010. Clearly, I've fallen off the yoga wagon.
  • The Writer - 1 - This is from August 2011. Same problem as Writer's Digest.
  • Oregon Humanities - 1 - This is a nice little magazine that is free on request. I requested it because they publish personal essays and I wanted to research them as a place to possibly send my work. When it became clear that they only publish writers who live in Oregon, I asked them to stop sending it because I felt bad about them wasting their money on me. 
  • Glutton for Fatshion - a zine started by some people who worked at Re/Dress, the plus-size resale store.
  • Utne Reader - 1 - This dates from 2008. It's sort of a Reader's Digest of alternative press. I used to subscribe and learned a lot. Now it's more information than I can deal with - such is life with a chronic illness.
  • Focus Health - 1 - a free magazine from some local hospital
Clearly, I have a magazine problem. I can't keep up with them simply because I have so many of them. Which magazines do you read?

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