Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Shat and the Not So Mei Fun

ren ren singapore mei fun
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His Awesomeness has a flu, lurgy thing complete with fever and awesome dreams. Here's his latest:

I dreamed that William Shatner had opened up a family Italian restaurant and karaoke singing course. The idea was that there would be karaoke nights 2 or 3 nights a week at the Italian restaurant and if you went and sang a song in front of everyone, you would get a certificate saying that you had graduated from the William Shatner Singing Course.

How much does this need to happen in real life? Very much.

I am currently rocking the zinc lozenges because I'm really not in a lurgy mood. I've even become obsessive with the natural hand sanitizer I bought at the food co-op and have managed to remain relatively healthy despite the mercurial weather.

As is our wont when one of us has a cold, we ordered chinese takeout for dinner from our usual place. Which has apparently changed names, location and recipes. We called them from HA's cell phone's stored contacts, so we know we called our usual place, but when the food arrived, it seemed different. And the menu had a different restaurant name and address on it. 

Alas, for me and all my food sensitivities, this was a fucking disaster. Because they've decided to add oyster sauce to everything. Including my mei fun, hold the soy sauce. (I order mei fun because you can get it without sauce. Unlike lo mein. No, I don't know why lo mein must never be parted form it's sauce.) Now, it's not soy itself that gives me migraines, it's just soy sauce. Something about the fermenting process. So I wasn't taking any chances with the oyster sauce. Which they'd also added to the wonton soup. 

When we called to complain, they kept protesting that lots of people like the new soup and we kept explaining about the allergies. You would think that if you call up and specify that you don't want any soy sauce in a dish that doesn't usually come with soy sauce, they might inquire if you're OK with oyster sauce. You would be wrong.

I got a migraine either from the spoonful of wonton soup I had before discovering the problem, or from from having to call and repeatedly explain about food sensitivities. You'd think they'd be on top of this shit what with all the havoc MSG can wreak on people, but you'd be wrong.

They did bring us some sauce-free mei fun and the "old style" soup which still managed to look different from the actual old soup.

There are so few takeout dishes I can safely eat and now we have to find a whole new restaurant. On the bright side, Chinese takeout joints are as common in Brooklyn as banks and Duane Reade drug stores, so ya know, lots of places to try. Too bad none of them are actual restaurants that you can trust not to pull shady nonsense like changing their name, location and recipes.  I'm tempted to post to the local e-mail list asking if anyone knows what happened, but I'm not sure I want to know.

What's your usual go-to take out when you're under the weather?

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