Friday, May 10, 2013

Noises That Are More Annoying Than Cicadas

cicada, brood XIX, Chatham County NC
Photo credit: borazivkovic
So the 17-year cicada-pocolapyse is coming, and we're all supposed to be freaking out about the racket. I started to, but then I realized that maybe it'll drown out some of the other annoying noises I'm subjected to all day. Such as:
  • Car horns, honking to let someone in my building know they're there. Because why use a cellphone when you can annoy dozens of people?
  • The engine of the Access-A-Ride mini-bus*. I always know it's 10 pm because I can hear it idling outside as it drops off one of my neighbors. Seriously, how do the riders stand the racket?
  • Children running up and down the hallway screeching. Because running around outside on a nice day would just be crazy.
  • People standing in front of the building hollering up to someone on one of the upper floors. Not because the person isn't already on their way down. But because it's fun.
  • People blasting music from their car stereo. Because the time to introduce me to their favorite song is while I'm trying to watch TV.
  • Any conversation held outside of my building. All flirting sounds 50% more lame when you're partaking in the conversation.
  • The car alarms. Oh my god, the car alarms. Which people only have because it gets them a discount on their car insurance. Nobody in a city reacts when a car alarm goes off because they go off all the time. Like when a kid bumps into a car. Or all day long when acorns keep falling on the car. All day long. And yet it shuts off after three minutes, so there's nothing the cops can do about it.
*NYC Transit's on-request bus system for the disabled. Cheap and inconvenient.

Any cicada- or noise-related thoughts?

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