Friday, May 31, 2013


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I'm feeling a bit scattered, probably because I signed up for Google+ and dealing with all the newness fried my brain. So here are some random thoughts.

For years now I've been complaining about how I can hear people standing outside my building and talking. Or about how the guy upstairs talks on the phone while sitting right by the front window, so I hear everything at my desk, also by the front window. It only just occurred to me this week that sound also leaves my apartment and so people might hear me singing along to music while I work. Oops.

A certain husband of mine reads my blog, but can never remember what a post was about by the end of the day. The secret word today is "Fraggles." There will be a test this evening. Leave your suggestions for his punishment if he forgets the secret word in the comments.

How weird is it that the whole new season of Arrested Development phenomenon is pretty much over less than a week after it debuted? We didn't watch the whole thing in a marathon the day it was released because we figured so many other people would be doing that that there would be issues with the video streaming. I enjoyed the new season, but I also feel like I'm not sure WTF just happened. I'm going to have to rewatch the whole thing to absorb it all. And although the show is strongest when they have the whole cast together, some of the scenes focusing on individual characters were also very strong. Thoughts?

I've been playing one of those Boggle-style word games a lot. So much that I start looking at the keyboard on my phone or Kindle and start looking for words I could form. Like serf, grew, weft, oil. This is about as annoying as closing my eyes and seeing Tetris blocks. 

So there was this guy ahead of me at the deli counter at the health food co-op who was being all gangsta. Standing all over the place, yelling at another customer, arguing with  the woman working the deli counter. Wearing a t-shirt that said "personal trainer," and a baseball cap with white towel under it to absorb his sweat on this hottish day. Can you think of anyplace where acting like a badass is less appropriate than the health-food co-op? Because I can't. Papal conclave, maybe?

That's all I've got. Share your weird random thoughts in the comments.

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