Friday, June 28, 2013

Nerd Culture

Throne of Nerds 7
Throne of Nerds
Photo credit: Shawn DeWolfe
A friend suggested that I write about nerd culture, and the puzzle is figuring out exactly what that is. And where it ends and begins. Pretty much, we can agree that nerdiness/geekiness has to do with an obsessive interest in something. Yet when people obsess over The Sopranos or Mad Men, it's not considered nerdy in the same way that analyzing Buffy the Vampire Slayer is. And what about Game of Thrones? It's clearly fantasy, but EVERYONE is into it, even if they don't know a sword from a mace.

I don't think we can just say that Buffy is fantasy/sci fi and Mad Men isn't. I think it's that nerd culture has bled into popular culture. The geeks have inherited the earth. Now everyone is obsessive about what they love. It's a socially acceptable behavior now.

And of course, it's much more acceptable for people to be into science fiction and fantasy and gaming. It's gotten so that no one goes to ComicCon anymore because it's so damn crowded.

But what does it all mean?

As much as I love that Hollywood has been pandering to me, all these comic book movies have ultimately been bad for movies. There aren't enough movies without superheroes, and even though 50+% of gamers and sci fans are women, whenever a movie that isn't explicitly aimed at teenaged boys does well at the box office, the media falls over itself in shock that women still go to the movies. And then no one takes any chances on girl movies because superhero movies are a sure thing. Unless they flop, but no one talks about those.

This is probably why we have such great TV these days. More chances to take risks, and less targeting fifteen year old boys. Hence all the naked men on True Blood. Not that I think actors should be doing that much nudity as a routine part of their careers, but most of us do prefer sex to violence.

Nerd culture won't be in style forever, and that's as it should be. There are parts of it that can't die fast enough. Like the hierarchies. In every group, of every type of nerd, there's someone who starts spouting off to prove how smart they are. I've spent many indie pop concerts having to listen to some music nerd (who may have come alone) talking to everyone within earshot with the sole goal of proving that he knows more about indie pop music than everyone else there. 

Where is my medal for not punching these guys?

And the rush to say something clever about a show while the episode is still being broadcast. Jesus Fucking Christ, your comment about Jamie Lannister getting his hand cut off was not actually witty and now you just spoiled the big surprise for all your Facebook friends. It would be one thing if people did this in the spirit of OMG, I just saw this amazing thing and I want to discuss it with other people who just saw it. But no, they just thought of something clever and simply had to share it before stopping to check that it actually was clever. The rush to the top of the nerd heap is undignified, yo.

When nerd culture makes way for the next big thing, it'll still be around. And I hope that the rest of the culture will have a better understanding of it. Like the existence of nerd girls. The whole stereotype that fan boys don't get laid? Um hello? Fan girls here, totally into Star Wars and totally willing to bang fan boys.

Though not necessarily willing to wear a gold bikini.

What are your thoughts on nerd culture?

Monday, June 24, 2013

I Surrender

This weekend, I was listening to an old podcast of This American Life (#104 Music Lessons)*, and it gave me a bit of an existential crisis. I'll never be as funny as David Sedaris singing TV commercial jingles in the voice of Billie Holiday, so why even try?

Now, I realize that there are many humorists living perfectly happy lives and carrying on wonderfully successful careers without being as funny as David Sedaris singing in the voice of Billie Holiday. Hell, even David Sedaris has to get out of bed every morning knowing that he himself will probably not be that funny before bedtime rolls around.

But still, sometimes you encounter something done so well that it can't possibly inspire you. And I'm honestly not sure where that line is. Sarah Vowell is also on that podcast and everything she writes just makes me want to read everything she's ever written. Same thing with Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Same thing with most of what David Sedaris does. But then he sings as Billie Holiday and I want to just throw up my hands and go home. We should all just give up because no one will ever be as funny as that.

He has won funny, so funny is done now.

I don't have this reaction to things I do badly. I can appreciate great art without envy or despair because I can't draw very well. Music? I can sing, but I can't read sheet music. His Awesomeness can play several instruments by ear and it annoys me as much as it impresses me. But I still sing.

Maybe it's that I want to be funny for a living, but don't aspire to a singing career. I care about it more. 

I know I can't be alone in this. What's so good that it depresses the hell out of you?

*It's a good one, that they're rerun several times, so give it a listen if you have the chance. The above clip is even better in context.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Memories of a Lousy Job

I hate this job
Photo credit: Yasser Alghofily
For some reason, a few days ago I started thinking about this incredibly crappy job I had back when I was in grad school. It was teaching English as a Second Language to Chinese immigrants living in Brooklyn. For less than minimum wage. The salary negotiation went like this:

Her: What's hourly rate are you looking for?
Me: [I don't remember exactly what I asked for, but I was something like $7 an hour, or maybe $9 It was a really low number.]
Her: Oh. It only pays $5.
Me: OK, that's fine.

Because I wanted teaching experience. Dumbass. 

This woman, who was about my age (my age at the time, so early 20s) started the school (first in her house, later in a storefront) to raise her standing in the community. Political ambitions, I guess? She certainly had no business sense.

The school wasn't self supporting because she charged the students $1 per lesson. So she started selling real estate on the side as a way to bring in more money. We had a teachers meeting early on, and she ordered in hot tea from a takeout place for everyone. The meeting was at her house. In the kitchen. With a presumably working stove. Most of us didn't even want tea.

She wanted us to stand on the sidewalk handing out flyers for the school, saying "This is a group effort!" Making you look good is not a group effort. Not for five bucks an hour, lady. 

I had to teach class at the buttcrack of dawn before the students went off to work. I liked the students. One guy delivered a Chinese language newspaper by car, and brought in a recording of a traffic report so I could help him understand what they were saying because they were talking so quickly. I got them to tell me recipes to practice their English. This is how I discovered that they all made rice with rice cookers instead of on the stovetop like my mom. It's also how I discovered that Chinese-born people think chicken and broccoli is hilarious. (It's an American dish--you can't get it in China. Well, maybe in restaurants that cater to American tourists, but you know what I mean.)

There was one guy in my Level 2 class who spoke perfect English. His name was Poon. The boss was paranoid that he was a spy from another ESL school. He was a chauffeur. He'd learned to speak English by talking to customers, but couldn't read English. Not a spy.

Then she went on vacation for a week. She left her brother the keys so he could open the school in the morning. But she didn't leave him cash to pay the teachers. The day she got back, after my first class another teacher was leaving, but boss lady wasn't going to pay her. She was busy interviewing two new possible teachers. My heart broke for these idiots who'd worn suits to interview for such a low paying job.

I told her that if she didn't pay the other teacher right then, I would quit. Mind you, I was the only gringo teacher and the students wanted a honkey teaching them. It didn't matter how many American-born teachers she had. I was her MVP. She was always pushing me to take on more classes.

Enough was enough. The other teacher was kinda timid and was just going to leave, but I wasn't going to be going through the same nonsense in an hour when my class was done. We'd kept coming in under the assumption that we'd get paid when she got back. She was paying us so little that there was no reason not to stand up to her. Any of us could've gotten better paying jobs in a day.

But she still didn't pay the other teacher. She had a tantrum and actually said, "Can't I even go on vacation?" Um, you didn't have to force us all to take a vacation from getting paid. 

So I quit. And she had to pay me what she owed me in front of the job candidates. And she was stuck with a Level 2 class with no teacher.

Without any teaching certification, the experience did me no good. I'm less of a hot head these days, those I still think that there is a definitely a place for pitching a fit in the workplace.

What's your worst job ever?

Zebra Garden

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

porch of indecision
Photo credit: psyberartist
I made an idle comment to His Awesomeness about how my iPhone3 was getting old and moody and that I'd been thinking of upgrading when they eventually come out with the next one. (By buying one of the older, suddenly cheaper models.) He left the room to make dinner and came back into the living room to tell me that he'd checked online and I was eligible for a free iPhone4 if we renewed our mobile contract for 2 years. 

So we did that.

I then spent something like 2-3 hours online looking at different phone cases because apparently that is a much more important decision than whether or not to get a new phone.

I'm trying to tell myself that people regularly lose that much time on Pinterest, so this is no big  failure on my part. But still.

Did you know that there are cell phone cases that look like saltines? And ice cream sandwiches?

I didn't go with any of those because I'm not twelve. And I may use this phone in front of clients who might think twice about hiring a writer whose phone case is shaped like a big bunny. Which is a valid concern.

Plus, a lot of the cute cases would stop being amusing after a day or two. Like the etch-a-sketch, or any of the Hello Kitty designs.

I finally decided to stop trying to find something for $2 on Amazon and blew some birthday money on a nice case on etsy. But then once I picked the case design, I had to make choices about the type of case (rubber or plastic), and then I decided that I really should look at the artist's other designs just in case, and what the hell is the matter with me?

It would be so much easier to decide if I were the sort of person who had several phone cases, just for fun. But that's not me. And I don't want to be that person. Because then I'd have to decide which phone case to use each day, and the only reason I'm wearing earrings most days is that I sleep in them.

Please tell me you understood where I was going with that last sentence.

What decisions do you agonize over?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Here, Have Some Thoughts

tire dragon
Photo credit: Guy
I'm really tired because I haven't been sleeping well. I'm on this new medicine to prevent migraines, which is doing an awesome job except for the dry cough that wakes me up several times a night. I got some tea from local apothecary that seems to help, so I hope to be rested and coherent soonish. Until then, here are some random things from my brain to yours.

  • Yes, there's an honest to God apothecary in my neighborhood. A block away from my apartment, along with several decent restaurants, a library, a food co-op and an acupuncturist/yoga studio. Totes worth the loud guy upstairs.
  • A week or so ago, had a post asking what sci fi movie your friends have talked you out of liking. Fuck all y'all, I still like the Matrix sequels. I don't care if that proves I have the worst taste ever. Some people are Mets fans, so I am totally allowed to like the second and third Matrix movies.
  • And while we're on the subject, I don't like Portlandia. Did not think it was funny at all.
  • However, I still believe that if you don't like Flight of the Conchords or The Middleman, then there is something seriously wrong with you.
  • We got garlic scapes in our first CSA haul of the season, so I used them to make white bean dip. They're so strong that I swear I saw cartoon smell lines coming out of my mouth.
  • That picture up there? That showed up when I searched Flickr Creative Commons for "tired." When I tried "sleepy," I got a bunch of sleepy kittens and puppies and that's so not my bag, so you get a tire dragon.
Any thoughts inspired by my random, sleep-deprvied thoughts? Leave 'em in the comments.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thank Misery

Past and Present
Photo credit: John Edge
One of those questions that were always asking ourselves is: "What would you tell your younger self?" Of course this excludes anything really useful like telling younger me to get my college friend who died last year to go to the doctor once in a while. Not that regular doctor visits would've necessarily prevented the sudden heart attack she had at the age of 42,  but never going to the doctor can't have helped. Not that she would've listened to me anyway.

And that's the problem. Of course I would tell my younger self to relax and enjoy being single more. I'd tell myself that I would meet the Burt to my Ernie so I should stop making myself miserable in my longing for a partner, and conviction that it was never gonna happen. But why would younger me listen to older me? It's not like people weren't telling me that at the time. The husband of my late friend, for example. Oh Jeebus, was he smug when I got together with His Awesomeness. The I Told You Sos were plentiful. Because he did tell me so. 

But was I going to listen to someone who married his college sweetheart? Fuck no.

And if younger me did take the advice of future me, that could've ended up changing my future. My neediness and bad relationship choices set me on the path that led me to HA. We met through an online dating service so our meeting was anything but inevitable. Neither one of us believes in soul mates, so I realize that I could've ended up just as happy with someone else (theoretically) but maybe not. I do know women my age who are single, but not by choice. Of course, then I wouldn't be making myself miserable over my singledom, so I guess that would be OK.

Knowing doesn't help things. There's a great little movie called Timer where everyone who chooses can get an implant that 
counts down until the moment they meet their soulmate. It focuses on two sisters. One sister isn't going to meet her guy until her mid 40s and decides to pass the intervening years in meaningless sex. The other has a blank timer because her soulmate hasn't gotten a timer yet. So she only dates guys without timers, and then she takes to get a timer implanted. And when he turns out not to be the one, she dumps him because there's no point in continuing the relationship. And that's just the set up for the film.

We have to date the wrong people before we're ready to date the right people. The choices we make lead us to where we are. And if we like where we are, then all those bad choices turned out OK after all.

There's a great song by Jill Sobule called Thank Misery. (It's not on the You Tubes, otherwise, I'd embed it here. But you can download the mp3.) The lyrics go, in part: If I hadn't been so depressed...If I hadn't been so blue/Thank misery for bringing me to you.

All that wasted time wasn't wasted after all.

With our failed adoption, I've been feeling lately like so much of our time has been wasted. We first got The Kid's social history a year and a half ago. We spent months working out the logistics that the agency should've known how to handle, then months visiting her. A year later, everything had fallen apart. Seven months after that, we're still not sure exactly when we'll be ready to try again. A year and a half to two years of my life will have been wasted by some incompetent social workers. Not completely wasted, but wasted in terms of our long quest to become parents.

As I recover from last year, I've thought about what I'd tell myself if I could travel to the past. I've actually imagined myself traveling back from the present during a big meeting with all the social workers, and getting younger me's attention so I can tell myself to make different decisions because things are heading the wrong way. 

Just like my dating life in my 20s, I'm in the middle of things now, grieving and recovering, unable to see how things are ever going to work out. Or how I could've made that last sentence grammatically correct.

Will I ever feel that this particular wasted time wasn't wasted after all? Impossible to say from the middle of the story. I can see how my dating experiences helped me be ready for the great relationship I have with HA. But I can't imagine that last year prepared me to be some other kid's mother.

But you can never tell until you get there.

So what should we tell our younger selves? Invest in Apple? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

What Would You Do?

Theater District 2011
Photo credit: Randy Lemoine
The Tony Awards were last night, and how fucking awesome is it that Cyndi Lauper now has 3/4 of an EGOT? I really do enjoy awards shows, though I will fast forward through speeches the second they get boring.

One thing that sets the Tonys apart from other award shows is that they're the only chance many people have to see performances from Broadway shows. You wouldn't think that I'd be one of those people since I live in NYC, but since my migraines are so frequent, I can't buy advance tickets for anything these days. There's just too big a chance that I'll get a migraine on the day.

Every now and again, I'll hear the expression, "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" and all I can think is that even if I couldn't fail, I just don't feel well enough to do those things.

But I am feeling better on my newest meds, so I feel like doing a little dreaming. 

So what would I do if I felt up to it? (And let's assume this includes working more so that I can afford all these things. And do I have to say that I'd vacuum more often and all that?)
  • See more live theater
  • Go to some concerts (I don't know what's more amazing--that I've never seen Duran Duran play live, or that they're still touring.)
  • Learn to sew and make some clothes for myself
  • Pick a TV show to watch in real time and live tweet, or maybe watch an old show on DVD and live tweet my viewing a la Retta.
  • Go on a vacation that didn't involve visiting family--we've been talking about Norway/Sweden. I guess we've been pining for the fjords. I wouldn't mind a photo safari in Africa, trips to Italy, Prague, Scotland and a whole lotta other places.
  • Take yoga classes (instead of doing yoga at home because I'm in no shape to keep up with a class)
  • Take more ballroom dancing classes with His Awesomeness. (We took lessons before our wedding and had a lot of fun, but didn't really have time to keep it up.)
 What would you do if you had more time and energy?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Jen's Birthday

Life, the Universe, and Everything Texture... or in other words, 42
Photo credit: Patrick Hoesly
Today I am 42. Which means that I am now going to have to spend the next year hearing dumb jokes about how I'm the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. (It's a Hitchhiker's Guide reference. Nobody thought to ask what the question was, so getting a numerical answer instead of a philosophical one is downright hilarious. That link back there explains it if you haven't read the books, though you really should just read the books.)

Anyway, I've decided that anyone who makes that joke anywhere near me in the next year has to buy me a drink. Because that joke is old enough to order its own drinks.

Consider yourselves warned.

Also? Because of the migraines, my drink of choice is a Shirley Temple, so if you decide to test me, just be sure you have the stones to walk up to a bar and order me a little girl's drink. Because do not fuck with me. I like my Shirley Temples and I have been dreading having to listen to that geriatric joke for weeks now.

(Side note: On the season finale of The Mindy Project, she ordered a Shirley Temple with vodka. How delish does that sound? When I'm able to start drinking again, that may become my drink.)

So yeah, birthdays, whatever. Hooray for being alive for another year! I don't have any time for the whole poor me, I'm so old bullshit. I have to restrain myself from telling people to shut it when they start up with that on Twitter or wherever. 

The first time I was called ma'am? I was 19. Big fucking deal. The guy was being polite. 

My first gray hair? My early 20s. I started dyeing my hair shortly after that and haven't seen my natural hair color since. I took it as a chance to have fun instead of trying to recreate my natural color. I kinda feel like I'm too old to go pink for the first time, but we'll see. (If I'd had pink hair for years, I'd have no problem keeping it pink, but switching to pink now just seems undignified. And I am all about the dignity.)

My first orthopedic problems? Birth, motherfuckers. 

My first pair of reading glasses? When I was 19. I wear them over my contact lenses because I'm so nearsighted that if I want to see well enough to drive, I had to give up some of my close vision. 

And you know what? There are still people in worse shape than I am. The other day, I saw a woman on the subway wearing coke bottle glasses with her nose literally in the book she was reading. Yes, my mother is in better physical health than I am, but if she and my grandma are anything to judge by, I will wrinkle-free for decades to come. So neener.

My point? Yeah, I totes had a point there. OK, here it is. Our bodies fall apart at different rates. So whining that you can no longer do what someone else could never do is a total waste of time. You're not getting any younger. Go eat some cake. 

Or pie. I just saw on the Twitters that canned/cooked blueberries have more antioxidants than raw blueberries, so that means pie is health food now. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

TCM's 31 Days of Oscar Reviewed

The Capitol Theater Movie Room
Photo credit: Princess Theater
Almost every time I turn on the TV, it's tuned to TCM. This is life married to a filmmaker. It also saves me from accidental Kardashian sightings. 

Every year, they do 31 Days of Oscar, showing films that have been Oscar nominees or winners, and I stuff the DVR will movies that I fell I should've seen by now. And then it takes me months to get through them all. Pro tip: Do NOT record them in High Def. There are just too many movies. The DVR will start deleting them before you get to them all. And it'll take a while because you're not always going to be in the mood for something high falutin'. 

In fact, I only just finished getting through this year's batch of movies this weekend. Five months later. Here are my mini-reviews.

Guys and Dolls 

This is the only one I'd seen before, but I couldn't resist. Day-m Marlon Brando was gorgeous in his youth. So much so that he was probably entitled to get fat and weird in his old age.

The Deer Hunter 

Three hour movie about the horrors or war, and the first third is about the horrors of 1970s wedding receptions. Not as grueling as I expected.

East of Eden

Another entry from the James Dean school of overacting. It's as if he's playing the same guy from Rebel Without a Cause. At least in Giant he didnt have a big tantrum.

The Sting

What a jaunty, fun tale. And the ending managed to surprise me, which is nice because so many great movies get copied so much that when you see the original, it seems cliche.

Cool Hand Luke

Is it just me, or is this movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in jail?

The Three Faces of Eve
A lot less campy than you expect from a movie about multiple personality disorder. I seem to remember a movie of the week starring I want to say Melissa Gilbert in the 80s. Remember tv movies of the week? Now its Lifetime channel every night of the week. 

Grapes of Wrath
This film is so bleak that it makes the Deer Hunter look like Guys and Dolls.

Norma Rae
A postcard from the days when government was pro-union. Should be required viewing these days, but heavens to Betsy, as if the pro-worker message weren't bad enough, characters drink beer and Norma Rae even has an illegitimate child (clutch pearls and faint). 

Bela Lugosi is freaking hilarious. Who knew?

Only Hitchcock can turn the story of a couple with communication problems into something Oscar-worthy. Sort of.

Far From the Madding Crowd
I confess that I recorded this movie so that I never have to read the Thomas Hardy book. I never even made it through Tess of the d'Urbervilles, though I suspect that may be because my copy smelled of lo mein for some reason, probably a dorm room take out mishap. 

The film was made in 1967 when movies had Overtures, but didn't necessarily explain what was going on. So Julie Christie packs up and leaves her home in the beginning because??? From what I was able to piece together a few scenes later, her uncle died and left her his farm. Apparently explaining this sooner would've compromised the filmmaker's artistic vision. As would explaining why all the farmhands dressed up and sat down to a formal dinner together. Easter, maybe? Celebrating the events of the previous scene? Is this Ireland or England?

The Goodbye Girl
Great movie written by Neil Simon, who has written so many great plays that I spent the first half of film trying to picture how it was staged in the original stage version, which only exists in my mind because it was written as a screenplay.

Travels With My Aunt
I made the mistake of starting this one while I was tired. I dozed off (not the film's fault) and when I woke up a few minutes later there was singing and dancing and I had no idea WTF was going on. It was a flashback. What a relief.

Stage Door Canteen
How the Hell did this win an Oscar? No shitting, there is a 10 little Indians style song about shotting down "jap planes". The plot about soldiers visiting the USO canteen run by broadway stage folk is just a framework/excuse for performances by a buttload of famous people, not all whose fame endured so it's hard to catch all the cameos.

Ok I checked and it didn't win an Oscar. Just two nominations for score and best song. And to their credit, they did have real actual Chinese actors playing the pilots from China, instead of gringos in bad makeup.

The Lady Eve
Forgot that I've seen this before. It's hlarious. You can't really go wrong with Preston Sturges.

Holy shit, Michael Caine used to be young. And Jude Law looked just like him in the remake - or in the publicity photos for the remake. I didn't actually see it. This is ostensibly about the swinging sixties, and I guess all that swinging required some hardcore objectification because he starts referring to women in general and one girlfriend in particular as "it" instead of "she." I'm having trouble imagining that was OK even in the sixties. 

Looking at the chatter on the imdb forums, women tend to think the character is an asshole and the film is terrible. It's not the worst film I've seen (that would have to be The Cube, which is pointless even when you listen to the director's commentary, which I did--ugh), but otherwise, I don't really disagree with that assessment. If I wanted to watch women being treated like objects, I'd just check the news. Or large swaths of the internet. 

Seven Days in May
Not about the Cuban Missile Crisis, as I thought for some reason, but about a planned military coup to stop a nuclear disarmament treaty in the early 1960s. It's one of those stories that makes me want to visit the characters as a person from the future and tell them that they totes need to get on that before the Soviet Union collapses and the nukes fall into the hands of whoever can steal them. Of course, since the Soviet Union collapsed because of all the military spending involved in the cold war, nuclear disarmament in the 60s would've changed that. Anybody know of any speculative fiction that explores that?

You Can't Take It With You
Lionel Barrymore plays the grandfather of a family where everyone in the house does as they please, ballet dancing in the living room, writing plays, inventing things, and they survive as "the lilies of the field". Except for their two black servants. They seem as laid back as the rest of the family, but I can't imagine it's easy to make dinner for a big family when you have no idea what Grandpa is going to bring home for you to cook, and he may bring home someone new to live with the family on a whim.

Very cool to see Lionel Barrymore play a character who's as different as Mean Mr. Potter as can be.

Easy Rider
What a boring, lame nihilistic piece of crap. Watching people do drugs. That's exciting.

As the film opens, our two heroes buy some cocaine, sell it for a hefty profit and then the soundtrack plays a song that goes "Goddamn the pusher." So...they're antiheroes, then? And there are several instances in the movie where they're treated like shit just for having long hair, but in the beginning, they pull up to a motel and holler, asking if they have a room. The owner or whoever comes out, takes a look at them, goes right back inside and changes the neon sign to say No Vacancy. I guess we're supposed to think it's because they're hippies, but maybe it's because they're assholes who didn't bother to turn off their motorcycles before inquiring about a room like civilized people. 

Midnight Express
I found it hard to have sympathy for this guy. Trying to smuggle almost two kilos of hashish via plane just weeks after some big hijackings? And they only caught him because he had all those bricks of hash taped to his torso. They totally missed the one in his cowboy boot. So if he couldn't be too smart to not smuggle any hash, couldn't he have kept it to a couple boots' worth?

Prison is violent and dehumanizing? You had to get thrown in a Turkish prison to find that out? Did you never see I Am a Fugitive From A Chain Gang? They seem to have more freedom of movement in the 1970s Turkish prison than in a modern American one, which I see as a big advantage as a claustrophobe. 

You've got to be white and male to be that clueless. One review I read described him as a naive tourist unaware of the consequences of his actions. Yet he was sweating balls before he got caught, so he must have had some idea

Georgy Girl
Where has this movie been all my life? Lynn Redgrave plays a frumpy, gawky woman who still has several men interested in her despite her frumpy gawkiness. You'd pribably be arrested if you'd try to make a film with that premise these days.

In Cold Blood
I'm sure it was incredibly violent and brutal for its time, but now in the time of Tarrantino, it seems positively gentile.

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think of them?