Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

porch of indecision
Photo credit: psyberartist
I made an idle comment to His Awesomeness about how my iPhone3 was getting old and moody and that I'd been thinking of upgrading when they eventually come out with the next one. (By buying one of the older, suddenly cheaper models.) He left the room to make dinner and came back into the living room to tell me that he'd checked online and I was eligible for a free iPhone4 if we renewed our mobile contract for 2 years. 

So we did that.

I then spent something like 2-3 hours online looking at different phone cases because apparently that is a much more important decision than whether or not to get a new phone.

I'm trying to tell myself that people regularly lose that much time on Pinterest, so this is no big  failure on my part. But still.

Did you know that there are cell phone cases that look like saltines? And ice cream sandwiches?

I didn't go with any of those because I'm not twelve. And I may use this phone in front of clients who might think twice about hiring a writer whose phone case is shaped like a big bunny. Which is a valid concern.

Plus, a lot of the cute cases would stop being amusing after a day or two. Like the etch-a-sketch, or any of the Hello Kitty designs.

I finally decided to stop trying to find something for $2 on Amazon and blew some birthday money on a nice case on etsy. But then once I picked the case design, I had to make choices about the type of case (rubber or plastic), and then I decided that I really should look at the artist's other designs just in case, and what the hell is the matter with me?

It would be so much easier to decide if I were the sort of person who had several phone cases, just for fun. But that's not me. And I don't want to be that person. Because then I'd have to decide which phone case to use each day, and the only reason I'm wearing earrings most days is that I sleep in them.

Please tell me you understood where I was going with that last sentence.

What decisions do you agonize over?


  1. I can totally relate to the whole post! I dreaded picking a phone case, too many options. And, I am definitely not one to accessorize every aspect of my life daily. I keep it simple. :o)

  2. Lol You sound like me! Im a very fickle person! I totally understand!


  3. This is funny because my Otter case finally cracked and needed to be replaced after a number of years. Totally wrong but when I'm angry I do like to throw it Naomi Campbell style at a wall and I tend to drop it accidentally. So i got sucked into the whole color combo thing. What colors, what design, do I want a completely different model of cover. What's funny is that when i put the new cover on the phone (and there is shame in going into Best Buy and asking for cases for a iphone 4! For shame! Not even a 4S!) I felt like I had a brand new alien phone. It was the same exact phone but it feels weird that this cover is different and not the same color. I feel like I have a new phone. I even spent an exhausting amount of time changing all the Lock and Home screen graphics to match the new case cover. (Bye bye pic of Joe Manganiello. Your background photo color didn't match the new blue of my case. Sorry baby!) LOL. So I completely sympathize.

  4. If you wear corduroy pants frequently, and carry your phone in your pants pocket, do not get the rubber case. Just a word from experience.


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