Monday, June 10, 2013

What Would You Do?

Theater District 2011
Photo credit: Randy Lemoine
The Tony Awards were last night, and how fucking awesome is it that Cyndi Lauper now has 3/4 of an EGOT? I really do enjoy awards shows, though I will fast forward through speeches the second they get boring.

One thing that sets the Tonys apart from other award shows is that they're the only chance many people have to see performances from Broadway shows. You wouldn't think that I'd be one of those people since I live in NYC, but since my migraines are so frequent, I can't buy advance tickets for anything these days. There's just too big a chance that I'll get a migraine on the day.

Every now and again, I'll hear the expression, "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" and all I can think is that even if I couldn't fail, I just don't feel well enough to do those things.

But I am feeling better on my newest meds, so I feel like doing a little dreaming. 

So what would I do if I felt up to it? (And let's assume this includes working more so that I can afford all these things. And do I have to say that I'd vacuum more often and all that?)
  • See more live theater
  • Go to some concerts (I don't know what's more amazing--that I've never seen Duran Duran play live, or that they're still touring.)
  • Learn to sew and make some clothes for myself
  • Pick a TV show to watch in real time and live tweet, or maybe watch an old show on DVD and live tweet my viewing a la Retta.
  • Go on a vacation that didn't involve visiting family--we've been talking about Norway/Sweden. I guess we've been pining for the fjords. I wouldn't mind a photo safari in Africa, trips to Italy, Prague, Scotland and a whole lotta other places.
  • Take yoga classes (instead of doing yoga at home because I'm in no shape to keep up with a class)
  • Take more ballroom dancing classes with His Awesomeness. (We took lessons before our wedding and had a lot of fun, but didn't really have time to keep it up.)
 What would you do if you had more time and energy?


  1. I have seen Duran Duran live twice. Do eet.

  2. I have also seen Duran Duran numerous times. Definitely do it!

    If I had the time and no one bothering me. I'd write a novel, move to London, maybe perform on stage, write a tv sitcom. The stories going on in my head would give Arrested Development a run for its money. Fox network money, not Netflix money. LOL


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