Monday, July 22, 2013


Knackered clown
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I had three sets of out-of-town visitors this week and I've just about lost my mind. The sad thing is that all I've really done is eat out a lot with people who I've been delighted to see. Yes, this required leaving my air conditioned apartment during a week that was ridonkulously hot and disgusting, even by NYC's usual Satan's Armpit standards. But still, it's not like I had to wade through throngs of tourists all week long.

And yet, all this going out and doing stuff, and you know, human interaction, has me totally wiped out. I can't even read or watch TV. Apparently, I'm too fried to do anything but play Plants vs. Zombies.

Speaking of which, the game tracks how many zombies you've killed since you've started playing. I'm at over 35,000, which seems like quite a lot. And yet, not nearly enough because I haven't lost interest.

In other news, someone asked me this week where in Manhattan a lady could go could buy a vibrator. My first thought was that she'd have to go to the Village because you certainly couldn't buy that sort of thing in Midtown. A quick online search proved me wrong

Who knew? A woman-centric sex shop, conveniently located smack in the middle of town. My friend and I didn't get a chance to check it out, but it seems appropriate. Years ago, an older co-worker once steered me towards a certain style of massager over lunch. Not that our work mentors should mentor us on everything, but we need to take our helpful hints where we can get them.

And these days, so many people to get all their errands done on their lunch hour, so why not shopping for a battery-operated friend?

That's all I got. How 'bout you?

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