Thursday, July 11, 2013


Spiderman Sleepover
Photo credit: Melissa Clark

I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with sleepover stories for this blog hop. The thing is...I'm not sure I ever had a sleepover with someone I'm not related to. When you're one of 17 cousins, there are a lot of sleepovers that are really childcare arrangements. Or family trips. But for the life of me, I can't remember any sleepovers with non-cousins. 

Except for the sleepover I had with my cousin Kristen, and her cousin (either Patty or Mary--I don't remember which). Patty & Mary were my cousins' cousins, but not my cousins, which vexed me to no end. It just didn't seem fair that I didn't get to be related to them too. (I saw Mary at a wedding a few years ago and I didn't recognize her, but I was all, hey you look cool, let's hang out. She was slightly more on the ball, realizing that we already knew each other.)

At some point, either Kristen or Patty/Mary suggested that we do Slam Books. I thought they were suggesting that we throw some books at the floor. You know, slam some books. Which made no sense. 

The actual activity made only slightly more sense. We took turns separating from the herd while the other two wrote mean things about the other one in the book (really just a piece of paper). Since there were only three of us, the anonymity thing was just not there. Also? Patty/Mary wrote that I was immature because I'd sung to myself while I was in the "isolation booth". Which was totally unfair because I'd only done that because Kristen had done that, and it was all in service of not overhearing the super-secret Slam Book discussions.

Why would little girls choose to hurt each other's feelings while in a situation where storming out was just not an option?

Because little girls are crazy--that's why. 

I did have two close friends from 5th grade to I dunno, whenever we outgrew obsessing over the Smurfs and the color lavender. I'm guessing we never did a sleepover because none of our parents were crazy/stupid enough to have all three of us for a whole night.

Looking back, I don't blame them for this one bit. We would've stuffed our bras and sand the soundtrack to Annie all night long.

And there is not enough alcohol in the world to see adults through a night like that.

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  1. As much fun as I had at sleepovers, I kind of dread when my daughter comes of age and starts asking to have tons of friends over. Much booze will be needed. For me, not them. haha

    1. And let's not forget the hiding of the booze from the kids once they get old enough to start making mischief.

  2. "When you're one of 17 cousins, there are a lot of sleepovers that are really childcare arrangements." That really really cracked me up. The term "childcare arrangements" is inherently funny for some reason.

    I had totally forgotten about slam books! I probably blocked them out of my memory because I had to make room for all the lyrics to the Smashing Pumpkins that I had to memorize in high school.

    1. I've blocked out most things that have happened before I turned 19. Probably for the best.


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