Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Cabbage As Big As Your Head

Up for today: Favorite summer traditions/activities. 

For me, it's gotta be the annual Cabbage As Big As Your Head. So big that it can wear comically large novelty sunglasses. And that was just the first one of the year. We got a second one that was even bigger.

Lest you think I wander the farmer's markets in search of ridiculously large cabbages, let me 'splain.

We belong to a CSA, which is an arrangement where the members pay the farmer in the Spring so he can buy seeds, then once a week for 20 weeks in the summer and fall, the farmer delivers a selection of veggies. We share the risk, and reap the rewards, so one year it was really hot and killed all the greens, so no lettuce for us. This year, the weather was cool, so we got lots of lettuce early on. 

It's a little like Iron Chef because you have to figure out what to do with all these veggies before they turn into organic compost. Such as, here's a Cabbage As Big As Your Head. We make slaw. The cabbage pictured made 2 batches of about 7 cups of slaw each. Lucky for us, cabbage keeps really well in the fridge. 

Every week we get a really big onion, so last week we made french onion soup just to make some room in the crisper. Kale is another staple, and I've finally resolved myself to the reality that I can't stand kale. No matter how we cook it, I feel like I'm being assaulted by green. Even kale chips. It was pretty hard to admit it to myself, and I'm certainly not going to admit it to the farmer. HA has been eating it, though I could slip it into the swap box, or just leave it to be donated to the food pantry at the end of distribution.

We also get loads of basil, so the freezer is full of pesto. We usually end up with enough to last us well into the fall. 

But nothing thrills me as much as the Cabbage As Big As Your Head. 
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