Friday, August 30, 2013

An Atypical Day

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Today's prompt is: A day in the life

I've already touched upon a day in life of a freelancer. Unsurprisingly, it involves much less productivity that I'd like and much more productivity than most people expect from a freelancer. Apparently, people think that we goof off all day.

I don't really have typical days. Ideally, I get up, have breakfast in front of the computer while checking the Facebook and reading blogs, then start my day and dive into work when I'm ready. But there are doctor's appointments and client meetings that throw a wrench into the works almost daily.

I recently decided to write a short story to submit to an anthology. I had to do all the writing on the subway on the way to doctor's appointments. Since I go in the middle of the day, I get a seat, and can write. All those years when I was working full time, the stories of writers who wrote complete novels while commuting to work in the morning. Well, those assholes must have lived even farther out in the middle of nowhere than I did because I used to live far out in the Abandon All Hope of Anyone Ever Coming to Visit You section of Brooklyn and I still didn't get a seat on the train in the morning.

And of course, Hector the Migraine Fairy may choose to visit, ending all chance of doing anything besides reading, napping and being in pain.

When His Awesomeness gets home from work, we'll hang out for a while, then he'll do some dishes and make dinner. We used to share all that, but the migraines made me pretty useless and now that I'm starting to feel better, I'm putting what little energy I have into working. Also, he has a lot of aspiring movie mogul calls in the evening, and he can cook and do dishes while he's on the phone.

Then we watch TV for a while. Some evenings, he has more movie work to do after dinner. He goes to bed before I do, so I tuck him in and give him good night kisses and then stay up too late as night people are wont to do.

(The parents of one of my college friends were a morning person and a night person and I asked them how they made it work. I couldn't imagine not going to bed at the same time, like on TV sitcoms. They told me that it was the only way to fly. That way you each get some alone time. Over the years, I've learned it's true. Though on weekends, I make him come back to bed and talk me awake.)

Damn. I just realized that I could've interpreted the post to mean a day in someone else's life. Or a day in the life of an Amazonian fruit bat, if there is such a thing. (Google says there is.) The scientific name of an Amazonian fruit bat is Artibeus. Why the Hell am I not writing about Artie the Amazonian fruit bat? I bet he has a regular schedule. Hanging out sleeping all day. Swooping around eating bugs all night. Good times.

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  1. I don't understand people who aren't night owls, I mean, late at night is the best time of the day to get anything done!


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