Saturday, August 10, 2013

Do Salads Count?

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Today's prompt is summer cooking. To which I say: It is way too hot for that sort of thing. 

I'm always mystified by the e-mails sent around by the people in my CSA asking what to make with such-and-such vegetable that we got in this week's haul. In most cases, my answer is: chop it up and put it in a salad. Make some croutons, hard boil some eggs and call it dinner.

Clearly some people have a lot more energy for meal prep than I do in the summer months.

Other summer meals in these parts include hot dogs accompanied by corn on the cob (from the CSA) and cole slaw (made from the Cabbage As Big As Your Head). Sometimes we make potato salad when the crisper starts to get full. Also french onion soup--that one great big onion a week leads to quite a backlog of onions.

Sometimes we have ravioli with pesto since we get a ginormous bunch of basil every week. We usually end up with enough pesto to last us well into the winter.

And we only have a half share in the CSA. I'd love to have a full share and make tons of vegetable soups, then freeze them, but apartment living means that just isn't going to happen. Our kitchen has one window, so it's way to hot for regular soup production. And our freezer can barely hold all the pesto, let alone all this imaginary soup.
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