Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fab Five Blogs

Photo credit: Owen W Brown
Today's prompt is: Your 5 Favorite Blogs (blog crushes!)

I've been meaning to start doing posts where I talk about my favorite blogs instead of just adding them to a blogroll. But my time and energy is as limited as everyone else's (and perhaps more so thanks to Hector the Migraine Fairy), so I have many things in mind that may never happen. The  migraines could be magically cured and there will still be such a backlog of stuff I've been meaning to do that I'll never do it all.

Now in no particular order, here are 5 blogs that I love. (I'm just checking my Feedly and picking 5 that I tend not to let pile up, so if your blog isn't on the list, please blame my disorganized mind rather than my lack of regard.)

Let's start with After Plumcake. Rhiannon used to write for Manolo for the Big Girl as Miss Plumcake until Manolo pulled the plug on the site. It's thanks to her that I use African black soap and suggest you all do the same. If you're in need of a style icon, she's your gal. 

Next up, let's go with Martinimade. Adrienne Martini has written two excellent books, and a wonderful eBook that compiles her weekly columns on parenting. The eBook contains the answer to why your kids obey other adults, but not you. Unlike me, Adrienne is organized enough to have different types of posts on different days of the week. I admire this, but don't aspire to it because sometimes you just have to know yourself.

Let's move on to Epbot, brought to us by Jen of Cake Wrecks fame. She's been on hiatus lately, but if you're into Disney, costly, steampunk or crafts, you'll find plenty to enjoy in the archives.

Now onto Motherhood in NYC. Her family is crazier than mine is, and that is saying A LOT. Or maybe it's just that her family is crazy in ways that you can blog about, while much of my family's crazy is more the sort of thing you discuss with your shrink.

And now for a big finish (meaning a blog so big that they don't need me to promote them: Tom + Lorenzo, formerly known as Project Rungay. They started out recapping Project Runway, and now they discuss red carpet outfits and several other shows including Mad Men. Their Mad Style posts discuss the costuming on Mad Men in intricate detail and it's not insane because Janie Bryant, Mad Men's costume designer actually does put a lot of thought into costuming, assigning each character a power color, for example.

OK, what are your favorite, can't miss blogs?

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  1. Fashionably Late to the Party. Duh. ;-)OHN

  2. Crazy! Why I never! ::muttering to self, swatting at imaginary flies:: thanks! xo


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