Monday, August 5, 2013

Letting It All Hang Out

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Photo credit: Steven Depolo
Today's prompt is: 10 Things you shouldn't know about me but I'm going to tell you!

  1. The non-conformist in me wants to make this list more or less than 10 items. But the good student in me couldn't stand to do less than 10, and the kid who got picked on for being smart doesn't want to overachieve unnecessarily, so I'll probably stick with 10.
  2. I overthink pretty much everything that much. It's a superpower. Only not.
  3. I think polygamy should be legal. It's not my bag, but all the abuses that take place in fundamentalist sects that live on compounds because they're breaking the law? Would be a lot easier to fight if these second and third (and so on) marriages were legal. Less teen girls being married against their will, less power trips among the group leaders and less exiling teen boys (thereby reducing competition for wives). Also, why is it that a girl is a victim when she's married to an older man against her will, but once she has a kid by him, she's considered a party to child abuse like she's not a victim any more?
  4. I also think communal living is a great idea. Not Big Love style, but Golden Girls style. You know, people to talk to, sharing chores, enough room to go off by yourself for a while. Though now that I mention it, why don't more neighbors get rid of their back fences to create one big back yard like in Big Love? Yeah, yeah, legal liability and all that jazz, but still.
  5. I'm a compulsive zit popper. I know it's better to just leave them, but I can't. As an overthinker, I realize what a problem this would be in a post-apocalyptic situation where cleanliness, and therefore infection was a greater threat than it is now. I feel like there's the start of a short story in there somewhere.
  6. I prefer to be barefoot. This may be because I have wide feet and most of my shoes are not specifically made for wide feet. Or maybe it's just that these little piggies like to be free. I used to walk around my high school after classes during my extracurriculars (speech team, folk group), in my stocking feet.
  7. I get tonsil stones. I was in my late 30s before I knew what the fuck they were. Before that, sometimes I would cough and a weird thing would come flying out of my mouth. Yet another non-superpower.
  8. I have a great sense of style, but when I have all the colors to choose from, like when I'm building a web page, it seems like I only choose the ugly colors. Or the blah ones. 
  9. I have lived in Paris. My first French class was when I was in the second grade. I've been back to visit Paris on several occasions. I still can't carry on a decent conversation in French. But I can walk into a pharmacy and ask for an Ace bandage. (If it's not cosmetics, it's behind the counter.)
  10. As a child, for one season, I played basketball. I am short of stature and lacking in athletic ability. But my cousin's team needed players and so I played basketball. I was not good. I also played softball for one summer. At the beginning of the season, my coach was determined to teach me how to play softball. At the end of the season, he had realized that not everyone is cut out to play softball. But I'm am amazing bocce player.
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  1. I wanted to do less than 10, too! lol!

  2. HA! Overthinking is my superpower, too! Well, that, and worst case scenarios... which, if you over think it, are basically the same thing.


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