Monday, August 26, 2013

My Fab Five Posts

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Today, I'm supposed to recap my 5 favorite blog posts that I've written here. Which, oy. I've had this blog since 2007, so I'm not going to go through all my archives to make sure that I've definitively selected the 5 posts I like best. But I will go through my archives until I find 5 that I'm especially proud of.

We'll start with My Parents Went to Burning Man. Because that is some absurd shit right there. Many people who don't know my parents have taken great inspiration from this post, and the fact that my parents went to Burning Man. People who do know my parents are still like, "They did what?"

Next up: The Conspiracy of Aunties. It's about how we can't raise our kids with a minimum of toys and material objects because the aunties are going to lavish them with gifts no matter what the parents want. I suspect that there are little kids at Burning Man who have a special set of toys just for the playa given to them by their aunties because only savages would take a child out to the desert to commune with hundreds of hippies and not let them take a set of 500 building blocks.

And I can't  leave out the post that explains what's up with the eyepatch, aka the only known incident of the internet convincing someone that their symptoms were hardly anything, when in fact they could've been quite serious.

I'm going to treat How to Knit a Sweater Part One and Part Two as one entry on this list because they could've been one obscenely long post. I didn't get a wearable sweater out of it, but at least you all got some chuckles.

And finally, My Vampire Theory. You see, each generation uses vampires in whatever way they need. The ruling classes feeding on the workers, deadly sex (starting with AIDS) and now the ultimate dieters--vampires who don't drink blood no matter how much they need to.

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