Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Sort of Favorite Beach, I Guess?

Relaxing on the beach
Photo credit: Andrew Osterberg
Today's prompt is: Everyone has a favorite beach...describe yours and why you like it so much.

Cue my Inner Noncomformist. Because favorite beach? Really? I'm expected to have a favorite place to get sand in the crotch of my bathing suit, and by the way, what the fuck is up with that? No child should have that much sand in their crotch. 

Besides, when I was 9 my parents bought a house with a pool. So we didn't go to the beach that often. Mind you, my dad was and is in charge of pool maintenance, so there was always algae, or too much chlorine (because he let the algae get out of hand and then shocked the pool the morning people were coming over). So don't think I stayed away from the beach because I was a fancy rich kid. We had a pool because I am descended from many generations of pale people and my mom preferred to keep an eye on the kids from the shade of the house.

She still managed to get skin cancer on the top of her scalp, but still...much less crotch sand.

But if I have to pick a beach to write about, it'll be the one in San Juan, Puerto Rico behind a bunch of hotels, possibly including the one I was staying in. 

When I got laid off for the very first time, three of us decided to go on vacation right after our last day. We'd been given a month's notice, during which one of the three was informed by her husband that he wanted a divorce. Over the phone. At work. So we were trying to cheer her up as much cheer ourselves up. She proved un-cheer-up-able even though from what she told everyone who'd listen, her future wasband was, well, the kind of asshole who would call his wife at the office to ask for a divorce.

But in the water, with the waves crashing into us, all felt right with the world. We could go ten minutes without having to give a pep talk. There was another beach that we stopped at on our day trip to El Yunque (the rainforest) that was nicer. But this one was right there by the hotel, so we could take a dip whenever we had some time to spare. 

Truth be told, I've been meaning to spend more time at the beach. His Awesomeness is from the Midwest, so didn't have much ocean beachiness growing up. But there's that whole sandy crotch thing.

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  1. I dont get sandy crotch problem very often! It never seemed like a big issue to me one I passed the sitting in sand making sandcastles stage of life! Just sit in a chair and you'll be fine!

  2. I'm not big on sandy crotches myself. I usually go to the beach in jeans, once I went in a snow suit, but it was also the middle of winter and we were just there for photos, lol.


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