Thursday, August 22, 2013

Of Sand and Soaps

Photo credit: John Morgan
Today prompt is: Sand

Since I've already written recently about sand in my bathing suit and my dislike thereof, I'm going to float down the stream of consciousness to: Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

The college roommate scheduled her classes around Days of Our Lives. Don't judge. It beats scheduling classes around projected hangovers.

She got me into it during the Patch and Kayla years. Stephen Nichols' cameo in Soapdish? Excited me way more than it should have. Which is exactly why they cast him.

Also? I love that movie. Shut up. It has a permanent position on our Netflix Instant queue so I can watch it whenever I want to. 

I remember at one of my office temp jobs, one of the women scheduled her lunch to coincide with Days of Our Lives so she could watch it in the conference room while she ate.

Soap operas have really declined in popularity over the past few years and who knows why?  This article by soap actress Cady McClain ponders the issue. She cites lowered ratings, which yeah, ratings for everything have dropped thanks to online entertainment and cable. She also makes the excellent point that since women make less money than men, while working harder at the same jobs, we have less time for soaps and less patience for them since they didn't keep up with the times--Women care more about supporting ourselves than finding a man to make us happy and support us, unless we're soap opera characters.

I have another theory to toss onto the funeral pyre. We can get our soft core porn from other places now. Or our hard core porn. 

I mean, have you seen any of these shows? Since they're on when kids are in school, they can get pretty steamy. Or at least they did back in my General Hospital and Days of Our Lives days. Now I can get erotic eBooks, smutty fan fiction, and any flavor of porn all from the comfort and privacy of my home computer. 

When we can get our rocks off that way, why would we watch a soap opera where every single sex scene involves the man picking up the woman and placing her on the bed? Even when they're already standing right next to it. I outweigh my husband. He has never lifted me. He didn't even carry me over the threshold when we got married. I'm OK with this. But as a fat teenager, watching muscular men pick up bony women in expensive nighties like they weighed as much as a stuffed animal...I was not turned on. I felt bad about myself. 

So yeah. Now that I have so many entertainment choices in general, and as well as choices for steamy entertainment, soap operas just don't cut it. 

What are/were your favorite soaps? Did you watch the big Luke & Laura wedding on General Hospital*? (*aka when Laura married her rapist, hmmm...maybe that's another reason people don't watch soaps these days.)
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  1. I never watched soaps, however I loved the movie SoapDish... I just watched it a few weeks ago actually.

  2. My whole family was into Days when I was a kid. It was great family bonding time ;). How have I never seen this movie Soapdish? I thought I had watched everything Robert Downy Jr had ever graced us with, but somehow I missed this one. I'm off to check out Netfli now. There goes my productivity for the day.


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