Friday, August 23, 2013

That's Just Super!

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Today's prompt is one that I submitted: What superhero do you identify with?

I've been rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for, I dunno, the fourth or fifth time through and this time I'm really identifying with Buffy.

Before this, I'd always identified with Willow. I'm more of a sidekick, I think. Or at least that's how I thought of myself. In reality, I'm outspoken and pushy. I'll volunteer to be the spokesperson for a group, or defend someone who's too shy to stand up for themselves because there is no fucking way I'm going to let someone walk all over one of my friends.

But as a kid, my favorite one of the Superfriends was Aquaman. Probably because he wasn't as popular as Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman. Screw those cool kids. I'll be over here with Aquaman and the dolphins being sarcastic.

But high school Buffy...when she felt responsible for every single person in town she couldn't save. When her mother and school principal didn't know she was a superhero and were interfering with her sacred mission. When she'd go to Giles and tell him that she suspected something supernatural was going on, and he didn't believe her. That all hits home for me.

I did not have the most blissful of home lives. When someone tells me that they had a happy childhood, my first reaction is usually a sarcastic, "So what was that like?" And then I realize, "Yeah, that must have been amazing. What WAS it like?"

I didn't have to sneak out every night to slay vampires and demons, but I did have to grow up a lot younger than most people. Other people talk about being young and stupid and reckless and yeah, I get it. But that wasn't me.

I also really wish I could plunge a stake into the heart of people who piss me off. That seems like such a great way to solve interpersonal problems.

So what superhero do you identify with?
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