Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Photo credit: Herry Lawford
This has been my first time blogging daily as well as my first time committing to following prompts. After a week, it's feeling pretty grueling. I hope it's been less grueling to read than it has been remembering to write every day, even with a migraine. Writing about a topic someone else has picked is an interesting challenge.

When I checked to see what today's prompt was, I saw it was one of the ones I suggested and my first thought was, "Shut up, me." I can totally roll with it when someone else tells me what to write about, but when Me Two Weeks Ago (or whenever it was) is the one calling the shots, apparently, I'm a bit resistant. 

Today's prompt is: Beat the heat and share a snow related memory!

Yes, I'm fairly certain that I submitted the exclamation point. I'm really starting to hate Me of Two Weeks Ago. She was way more chipper than I usually am. She was also living in the middle of a heat wave, unlike Now Me who is living in unseasonably comfortable weather.

But hey, one summer a friend & I spontaneously decided to stay inside and watch Christmas specials. (On VCR tapes--I am very, very old.) And it was glorious.

So a couple of times, my Aunt Bea took All Us Cousins skiing. Because it seemed like a good idea. And it was an excellent idea for those of us with athletic ability. For me...I avoided hospitalization, so yay me!

I never really got the hang of stopping. Which, I'm sure you can imagine, created some issues. Only minor issues, though, since I never advanced to anything you'd consider a real ski trail. Or any hill that you couldn't just walk to the top of. Which I did one day because every time I tried the t-bar lift, by skis fell off. (I have no idea-either about what the problem was or why I didn't go back to the ski rental place and have them readjust my bindings or whatever was causing the problem.)

One time I couldn't stop and just kept going until I hit a fence. I had slowed down by that point, so it was OK. I only hurt my dignity. 

Another time, I fell down. My brother was skiing behind me, and didn't know how to steer around me since we'd just been following this well worn path down the hill. So he skied right into me, falling down as well. Aunt Bea saw the whole thing from the bottom of the hill and took a picture. 

Walk the 15 feet or so to help us? Why would anyone do that? Take a picture so my mom could display it in her home decades later? Fuck yeah.

So I do not ski. If ever invited to ski, I might come along and drink cocoa and knit in the lodge while everyone else skis. Maybe I'd try snowshoeing while photographing nature. Though I could probably photograph nature through the windows of the lodge. No reason to take myself away from the hot cocoa unnecessarily.

Do you cool off during summer by thinking of snow?
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