Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time to Move My Goalposts

Photo credit: Brian Alano
So today's prompt is: what are your goals for this Fall?

I'm not really a five-year plan kinda gal, checking in on my progress towards my goal at regular intervals. Though maybe a should be because I started that novel in 2003. I've done a metric fuckton of other things in the meantime, but maybe if I ran my life a little more like the early Soviet Union (you know with the five year plans, not with the Stalinist purges) then I might have a finished novel too. 

But who the Hell am I kidding? I've been sidetracked by migraines, and changes in priority,  and stupid shit and the Communist revolutionaries were not known for their comic novels.

But anyway.

Goals for this Fall.

Keep networking.

Get more copywriting clients. (Speaking of which, hey buddy, wanna hire a copywriter?)

Bake a bunch of pies, probably. I got a bunch of pie making stuff last Christmas and I'm determined to learn how to make a perfectly flaky crust. And I'll probably be making both pies (apple and pumpkin) for Thanksgiving this year, so clearly, I need to practice making and eating pies.

Knit some stuff. Probably the mates to the two mittens I knit that magically came out slightly different sizes. 

Find some blog link-ups that are less intense than blogging daily. 

I dunno, sew myself a new summer bathrobe since I've had the pattern for well over a year. Every list of goals needs an item that's probably not going to happen. But maybe it will. 

That sounds good. What are your goals for this Fall?

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  1. in September I'm going to begin co-hosting a link up, I'd love for you to come link up with ME!

  2. Flaky crust, use ice cold vodka for your liquid and don't overwork your dough. Use either Crisco or Snowflake for your shortening. (Brand name shortening makes a big difference in pie crust.)


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