Saturday, August 17, 2013

You Be Grilling

Now THAT is a grilling station!
Photo credit: Bill Bumgarner
Today's prompt is: best grilling recipe/tip

I no longer live in an apartment with a barbecue, so you'd think I'd be at a complete loss with this one. You would be wrong. Because my Uncle Brian (he of the delicious gravy) is also a BBQ meister. Hell, they have to replace their grill every year or so because they use it so much. Once a year, they grill a turkey.

So I know the wisdom of the grill. And now I shall lay it on you, the one important thing that so many people overlook:

Clean the grill.

For realsies. Wire brush. Clean that bad boy. Every time.

You'd be amazed how many people don't do that. 

So yeah, I used to live in an apartment with a grill. And a backyard. The grill was there when I moved in. It was great firing up that bad boy on summer nights.

And then the tank ran out. Do you have any idea how to fill a propane tank when you don't have a car? Me neither.

Lucky for me, my landlord was making a lot of trips to Home Depot, so I gave him the money and he took care of it.

It was kind of a weird situation. The landlord could access the backyard through the basement, and trimmed shrubs and stuff. So I never really knew if the strawberries they grew there belonged to me or to my landlords (who lived down the block). They told me I could eat them, so I did. 

Upstairs from me, lived two elderly brothers. They hung their wash out to dry on a line that went out over the yard. One evening, I found boxer shorts in the yard. I wasn't about to knock on their door and be all, "hey, I found your undies." So I put them in a plastic bag and hung it on their doorknob. 

Some things you just don't discuss.
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