Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me

Back to school
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Today's Prompt is: Back to School Shopping

Now, a handful of people contributed prompts for this blog all month challenge. Two-thirds of the way into the month TWO people are continuing to link up daily. I kept going at first because I didn't want to be rude to the person who suggested that day's prompt by picking their day to give up.

But speaking as an infertile ex-future mother: Fuck. this.

And let me take a moment to be reasonable and point out that this is a disparate group of blogs in this network and we've all done back to school shopping as students if not as parents, so this specific prompt is totally valid and reasonable. 

But, seriously, Universe? This is how you're going to play it? Reward my persistence by triggering some shopping-related PTSD?

Last August when The Kid arrived, she didn't have enough clothes that fit to take her through the weekend. I had to replace her entire wardrobe. It was brutal. It was exhausting.

And school supplies? Kinda hard to buy when the school board won't tell you what school your kid is going to. And when we did get her enrolled, they were infuriatingly casual about it.  Oh, just a couple of notebooks and some pens. 

Also when we enrolled her, we discovered that she had to wear a uniform which was really more of a dress code situation. And none of the clothes we had bought her fit in with their rules. I tried to explain that we'd have to enroll her elsewhere because there was no way she'd stick to a dress code and all the assistant principals treated me like I was an asshole. Because this school full of special needs classes had no one experienced dealing with kids with oppositional defiant disorder. Apparently. 

They even offered to go buy The Kid some clothes at Cookies. A children's clothing store. I'd been taking The Kid to adult stores to buy her clothes. Plus Size stores in some cases. But this condescending bitch thought she was going to calm me down with the idiotic suggestion that she go and buy The Kid some clothes at a children's store.

The Kid swore to the assistant principals that she'd stick to the dress code and then the second I showed her a golf shirt in a store, she said, "I'm not going to wear that!" So yeah, that went great.

The second wave of clothes shopping is when things really started going to Hell. Things that I can't even discuss to protect The Kid's privacy.

So yeah. A year and a half ago, if you'd asked me about back to school shopping, I would've gone into rapturous ecstasies describing the joys of brand new pens and notebooks. And how one the best things about being an adult is that you can buy new pens and notebooks any time of the year, and not just in September.

But now? I'm still paying off the credit card bills we incurred from last year's back to school shopping.

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  1. It is super frustrating that we're the only consistent players. However (comma) I'm so happy that we've gotten to know each other like this.


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