Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So This is Awkward

This is a real bunny hiding its face in shame.
Like I should be. It's my spirit bunny.
I was totes gonna do a quick post before the Holidays, but then I was felled by a 2-day migraine and that didn't happen. I ended up having to bake fruitcakes on Christmas morning - I suspect they taste like aggravation and yelling, but the massive amounts of rum may have covered that up.

Thanks to everyone who let me know they were thinking of sickly old me. Sorry to say that I wasn't posting because I wasn't OK. I had a bad reaction to the homeopathic remedy I took. I knew there was a chance that it could make my symptoms worse for "a short period". It's usually a few days at most, but it can be up to six weeks (oh, joy). 

It made *everything* worse. I'm not sure if I had more or worse migraines because I was too busy being sick to my stomach and dealing with the worst post-nasal drip I've ever had (HA gave me a cold over Thanksgiving, and the homeos made even that worse than usual). My mood, unshockingly, was dismal. I didn't have a good day for a month.

So my homeopath and I agreed that enough was enough and I undid the remedy by smelling some peppermint oil. I was better by the next day.

Since we decided not to do another remedy until after the holidays, I decided it was a good time to go off the anti-convulsant that I was taking to prevent migraines, but I didn't think was helping anymore. (You shouldn't make changes when taking a homeopathic remedy so you can tell what's causing your symptoms to change.) So that was a two-step process (down from two to one pill and then no pills), and I got big migraines from the withdrawal both times. 

But now I'm feeling much better.

I'll be taking a much lower dose of the new remedy, so it's much less likely to push me into another month from hell. That'll be later this week, so fingers crossed.

We visited HA's fambly in Missouri over the holidays, so there will be pictures and tales of tourism coming. 

But for now, just this boring health update to get the ball rolling again.

How've you been?


  1. Sorry to hear that you were feeling so poorly. Happy to hear you are feeling, if not better, at least less bad.

  2. Ugh. That sounds pretty terrible. I'm glad things are stabilizing a bit for you. Hope the months ahead are much, much better!

  3. Oh man. That sounds horrible. Glad to hear you are finally feeling better!

  4. So sorry you had such a lousy month, and so glad to hear you're doing better. I was wondering yesterday how you were doing.


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