Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tweet, Tweet

Tweet, tweet, motherfucker.
I'm still here. As is the tendonitis in my shoulder.

I haven't unplugged as I've been icing my shoulder on the couch - I've been clutching my smartphone in my good hand. Which is also my non-dominant hand, so good times.

The one time I wrote a blog post on my phone's Blogger app, it didn't get save. So I'm not doing that again.

Twitter, however, works just fine on my phone. So, here's some of the witty, clever and brilliant things I've been saying. (If you see a bunch of gray lines instead of images displaying tweets, refresh the page.)

Seriously, what's wrong with you people? It's like you don't like sociopaths or something. Also, Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 is too many words to say, so HA and I refer to it as The Mighty B! which I just discovered was created by Amy Poehler, so now I'm wondering why I've never watched it.

Which is surprising because Zardoz is known as that movie with Sean Connery in a big red diaper. There are some people who think that Zardoz is a brilliant sic fi movie ruined by distractingly bad costume design. These people are wrong.

Still having a sense of humor is how I can tell that my ennui is nothing to worry about.
I mean really. The phrase "Hobby Lobby" should never be uttered by any member of the Supreme Court. It's sullies the dignity of the institution. 

Aaaaaand now I see why I don't have more Twitter followers. Join me on Twitter while I try to be funnier. Or don't. I'll probably do more posts like this just to remind myself that I'm not as funny as I think as am. At least not in 140 characters.

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