Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Marital Discussion: Darth Vader

Picture a lightsaber here instead of a kitchen torch.
The scene: His Awesomeness is making a special weekend breakfast (scrambled eggs & toast) while his iPod plays the Star Wars soundtrack (because…it's on shuffle, my husband is weird, I dunno). I'm just trying to get my eyes open enough to get my contacts lenses in.

Me: Isn't it a little early for stormtroopers? It sounds like Darth Vader is coming to dinner. [in a silly voice] "No Darth Vader, you're not invited to dinner."

Him: Maybe Darth Vader is bringing a bottle of wine or a nice desert. Maybe Darth Vader is brining creme brûlée.

Me: That doesn't sound like Darth Vader at all. He's the kind of guy who'd just show up empty-handed.

Him: I'd tell him, "What are you doing, Darth Vader? We had a bargain. I make dinner and you bring the dessert." And he's all, "I'm altering the bargain." And now I'm sorry I invited Darth Vader to dinner.

And here I thought it was common knowledge that you should never invite Darth Vader to dinner. 

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  1. I bet he'd bring something frozen. *rimshot*


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