Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Marital Discussion: Cats!

This cat doesn't know WTF is going on with show either.
Last month, PBS showed a production of CATS.  His Awesomeness and I watched it (much later, because TiVo). He'd never seen it and I'd seen it as a kid from obstructed view seats. I was unable to see a bunch of stuff that happened upstage and for some reason, I got the impression that it involved pirate cats.

Which it didn't, but that's totally plausible in show that includes a rock star cat.

Without the spectacle of live performance, it's actually an incredibly stupid show. Like, how did this ever become a hit levels of stupid. I mean, yeah, spectacle, and foreign tourists could enjoy it without speaking English and it was family friendly, but I can see why I didn't rush right out and buy the soundtrack album. We could only stand to watch 3 songs in a row before we had to stop.

Which is all just preamble to this conversation:

Him: They used to show TV commercials for the touring production of CATS. [His description sounds like it was the same commercial they showed in NYC, embedded below because why not.] I saw the shot of the cats being lifted by the giant tire, only I couldn't tell it was a trie. So I thought it was a show about alien cats and at the end, a flying saucer came and took them home like in The Cat From Outer Space.

Me: I can't believe you didn't make your parents take you to see the cats from space show. That's totally you thing. How long did you think it was about alien cats?

Him: Until we started watching it this week, and I looked up the plot on Wikipedia.

So for 30 years, he thought CATS was slightly less weird than it actually is.

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  1. I thought it was about space cats, too, until I just read the plot summary. HA's version would be better.


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