Monday, December 22, 2014

Marital Discussion: Not All Puns Are Created Equal

Rejoice and be glad, for season 1 of Murphy Brown is on DVD. I rented it from Netflix, and oh, sweet Berry Gordy, I missed that show. Not for the music, but because Murphy Brown is my spirit animal. It was from Murphy that I learned you didn't have to be nice to be successful as long as you were smarter and more talented and harder working than everyone else.

In my techie days, I wasn't the office bitch, but I didn't suffer fools gladly. I would've been a lot more patient with fools if someone had been able to explain to me the benefits of doing the work of 2 or 3 other people AND being nice to them. There are limits to how much of a doormat I'm willing to be, and I can thank Murphy for that.

Which leads us to:

Me: I've already forgotten why I pretend punched you in the nose.

Him: Do you want me to retell the bad joke?

Me: Yes, please.

Him: They should've done a sequel to Murphy Brown where she joins the circus, called Murphy Clown.

Me: So I'm not losing my mind. I was just blocking out the terrible joke.

Him: Yes

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