Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Be cool and just ignore the surrounding clutter, OK?
Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree, we actually put you up this year. (It doesn't quite work if you try to sing that to the tune of Oh, Tanenbaum, but try anyway. It's fun.)

We haven't put up a Christmas tree in years. We don't have people over, and visit relatives, so it hasn't seemed worth it to dig out the Christmas stuff from the walk-in closets that are too full to walk into. Especially when I'm just so sickly. 

But in the interest of no longer waiting to get better to do stuff, we went for it. It was much less daunting once we realized that we weren't going to have time/energy to invite a few people over and therefore didn't have to clean the whole apartment.

Other people's Christmas trees are simultaneously boring as fuck and really interesting. The human brain is weird. So, for you amusement and ennui, here are a few hastily snapped phone pix.

These are the misfit toys and all the other little dudes from Rudolph. Yes, I just tossed Santa  into place because he's a fucker who's totally on board with everyone shunning a little reindeer for being a little different. Until he can use the poor guy, of course. And the mean boss elf? I've been around long enough to know that upper management is to blame for shit like that. 

And yes, as I placed each misfit toy under the tree, I said its line ("Nobody wants a Charlie in the Box"). I'm not entirely dead inside.

This is one of my favorite ornaments and I couldn't possibly tell you why because I don't know. I think I picked it up at a Christmas shop while traveling for business.

Speaking of travel, I buy an ornament wherever I go. Less clutter than magnets or shot glasses. I just realized that we didn't hang the $20 ornament I bought on a business trip to Florida. It's a metal representation of the hotel, which was the nicest hotel I ever stayed at, which means of course it was a super short trip and I didn't have time to find a less expensive ornament at the airport. 

This one is from the Steamboat Arabia, where we went last year. 

We couldn't find the angel, so I used this topper for the first time. It's part of a set that my college friend Karl (who comments here as Karl, for obvious reasons) and his wife gave us as a wedding gift. A big tub of glass ornaments so well packaged that you can drop it without breaking them? Yes, please!

No, it's not the angle of the photo that's off. The tree is leaning slightly. With no small children or pets to knock it over, I can live with a little lean. I have enough problems in my life without worrying about a leaning tree.

It's hard to see, but this ornament is the tree at Rockefeller Center. It's a tree on a tree. I find this way more amusing than anyone reasonably should.

I'm pretty sure we bought this when we went to Disney World a few years ago. Because after a week of looking at mickey's head on everything, a Mickey Head of jiggle bells starts to seem like a perfectly reasonable thing to buy.

And here are some hand knit ornaments (with the Starship Enterprise in the background). Leftover yarn is great for that sort of thing. Fun fact: I made the blue & orange ball from yarn leftover from a pair of socks that I made for His Awesomeness and he's wearing those socks today. See? Oddly fascinating and incredibly boring all at once.

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