Monday, December 8, 2014

Quest For Gingerbread

This originally appeared on The Famished Freelancer on January 14, 2014.

Or, more accurately, quest for holiday sweets that I can actually eat. 

I was all set to make the fruitcakes the weekend before Christmas when I decided that if I was going to bake, I was damn well going to get something I can eat without getting a migraine out of it. (Dried fruit, tons of rum - why should something so delicious cause me such pain?)

So, gingerbread happened. It took more energy than I had to spare, but I got cookies out of it. Wacky cookies, because I own an assortment of 100 cookie cutters. Who doesn't like gingerbread dinosaurs? Or gingerbread bunnies? Or butterflies? Or feet?

We decorated them with royal icing because it looks nice. But my husband and I have different icing philosophies. 

He went for maximum coverage because icing is tasty:

I went for pretty:

Or as pretty as I could manage. I decided to go with the cutting the corner of a ziploc bag instead of finding my piping tips. The first bags we tried had a little fold in the corners, so snipping it meant getting a huge hole. Switching to a different ziploc got me better results, but still, I'll find the tips and maybe even get a proper pastry bag for next year.

And oh yes, I'll be doing this again next year. They were tasty and fun. But really, it's all bout the pictures, so here ya go.

The money shot - note squished, mangled ziplocs full of icing.

Gingerbread cyclops

A happy foot and the liberty bell (hence the crack). This is what you get when your husband is a surrealist.

Little Bunny Foo-Foos
Who knows? Maybe I'll even make them again before the winter ends. Those were some pretty yummy cookies.

What are your go to holiday/winter recipes?

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