Friday, December 19, 2014

The Wisdom of Beetlejuice

HA and I recently rewatched Beetlejuice and I realized that it contains a lot of life lessons. Such as:

Always dress comfortably because if you die, you might be stuck in those clothes forever. Imagine spending eternity in an ill fitting bra.

Never brake for animals. (If, like me, you've seen the whole movie once or twice and bits of it a bunch of times, you may have forgotten that the fatal car accident was caused by swerving to avoid a dog just moseying along in the middle of the road.)

Read the manual even if it's written like a stereo manual and makes no sense the first time. Poor technical writing is no excuse for your ignorance.

Sandworms are like sharks. Punch them in the nose and they'll back off.

Hell is other people's bad taste. Any taste besides your own is bad. 

People dying in weird ways is never not funny. As long as it's fictional of course. See also Dead Like Me

Never throw a dinner party in a haunted house. 

Can't we all just get along with our ghosts? Raising the dead is so rude.

Don't just stand there while a weird demony guy does weird demony things. Though trying to run away isn't going to help much either.

Pay attention to your kids or they'll start hanging out with ghosts. 

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