Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Otherversary

I just got an email from Fitbit telling me my most and least active days least year. Which, I really don't care about. I got the fucking thing to help me gradually increase my activity level and not overdo it because too much exercise can trigger a migraine. I'm really trying not to pay attention to the stats because I'll get crazy and overdo it just to reach a round number.

But I looked up the most active day in my 5 year journal to see what I was doing that day. It was the 11-year anniversary of HA and me becoming a couple. Which you'd think I'd remember from the date, but apparently we're an old married couple so not so much.

Our dating anniversary (aka, what was "our anniversary" before we got married) comes a couple of weeks after our wedding anniversary, but we still celebrate it. We didn't try to schedule the wedding closer to our existing anniversary because it was too close to Thanksgiving, which is not entirely a coincidence. 

You see, HA went on a date and I drank and talked way too much, because nerves. He did not feel the love. But we became friends, and a few months later it seemed like we'd been doing a lot of stuff together, so I invited him to Thanksgiving with my family. Not to trick him into meeting them, but to have someone to keep me company while my family drove me crazy. (And don't even, Mom. You know what I'm talking about.)

So I invited him to Thanksgiving by e-mail, and he replied that he had a rule about never going to someone's family occasions unless they were engaged. No joke - his parents forbade him & his brother from inviting girlfriends to stuff because it ruined the pictures and videos to have random exes in them. Going to the girlfriend's house and ruining her family's pictures was allowed, so HA was incorrectly invoking the rule, but it gave me the opening I'd been looking for since all that hanging out together seemed to be leading to something more, and it was driving me crazy thinking that it was all in my head.

So we go out to dinner every year on our Otherversary, and I make HA retell the story of how we got together from his point of view so I feel like he's here voluntarily. But for some reason (probably all the fucking migraines), we totally forgot about it last year.

We did a lot of walking that day because I was having a good day and we decided to do a bunch of errands. We dropped off some of my old work clothes to Dress for Success, then walked past the restaurant where we usually go for our Otherversary. At which point, I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and exclaimed, "It's our anniversary!"

Married people are the worst!

So we went shopping like we'd planned, and had an early dinner at our usual restaurant. Which had changed their menu from BBQ to Southern which was a massive disappointment and we'll be trying someplace else next time.

Menus changes, but love endures. Or something.


  1. Sadly, many restaurant's menus outlast many marriages.

  2. Thinking of you from the west coast. Stay warm and safe


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