Monday, January 12, 2015

Marital Discussion - Supermarket

This kid is paying way more attention than our cashier.
The Keyfood was super crowded. The cashier was rushing through checkout, not giving the bag guy enough time to finish bagging one order before she started scanning more stuff and shoving it at him. 

Maybe she was in the zone. Maybe she hated the bag guy and refused to help him bag. Dunno, but I stopped her when she started on our order. 

Which is when the bag guy discovered that the customer ahead of us had left his cookies because of the chaos. The bag guy ran after the guy and HA bagged our stuff. I swiped my credit card and then waited for the cashier to enter the total or whatever goes on when the thing says Wait for Cashier because she'd completely stopped paying attention to what was going on.

Maybe she was pissed off at me now, or maybe something really interesting was going on across the room or maybe she was just over everything that her job involves. (There was a sign on each cash register that said "No cell phones at work." Is the manager an asshole? Are the cashiers really such jerks that they need a sign in their face reminding them of basic rules?  All of this is to say that I feel this woman's pain, but fuck almighty, it was hot and crowded and come on, lady just focus.)

When we left the store, I bitched to HA about how she zoned out mid transaction. 

Him: People are the worst. 

Me: Yeah, I hate people. 

Him: That's why I don't return their calls. 

Me: That's why I have them blocked on Facebook. Wait, why would I go on Facebook when I hate people?

Him: Excellent Question
Me: I'm there for the mahjong.* 

*I really enjoy playing mahjong solitaire. The social versions have all these different layouts but they want to make it hard and frustrating to make me buy boosters, so they add a time limit. I don't care about beating a time limit. I just wanna play mahjong solitaire. The time limit stresses me out when I'm just trying to relax. It bugs me, but the predominant business model will change again soon enough.

Also, I don't like to use boosters because it feels like cheating. I'm one of those lunatics who has to prove to themselves that they can do it the hard way. 

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