Thursday, September 17, 2015

Are You Ready For Some Sitcoms?

This TV stand shows a lack of commitment
because it lacks multiple stacks of DVDs waiting
to be watched.
Fall. When Americans get obsessed with very large men giving each other head injuries over possession of a ball while beating and murdering their loved ones in their spare time.

Many of us prefer scripted entertainment to sports. There's still a chance of disappointment, but emotionally it's way easier to give up on a TV show than a team.

We pore over the Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue like we're preparing for a fantasy football draft. The DVR draft, if you will. Which new shows will we want to check out When are our favorites returning? Will there be DVR conflicts leading to some hard choices? 

(Last year, we couldn't watch Fresh Off the Boat until Parks & Rec went off the air because everything good had to be on Tuesday night.)

Some of these shows will disappoint like Manhattan Love Story did last year. And some will be cancelled far too soon, like Selfie and A to Z, which omigod, why haven't the show runners revealed how A to Z would've ended?!?!?! They promised 26 episodes showing the entire time the lead characters dated each other. Would they have broken up? Gotten engaged or married? All we needed was 13 more episodes, but no, America was too busy watching 3 other police procedurals for a fresh show.

Hm. I guess that's something else we have in common with sports fans. Different genres are like different teams. Red Sox fans vs. Yankee fans, reality show watchers vs. people who don't want that crap in their brains.

My predictions for this season:

Doctor Who: There will be precisely one episode that no one I know has any complaints about. At all. I will be shocked. His Awesomeness feels that as long as it's Doctor Who, he'll find something to like about it. Most other Whovians will froth at the mouth over how the new season is total crap and completely unworthy of the franchise. Five years later, they will consider this season as part of the show's noble history that the current season is sullying. It's the Circle of Who and has been going on for 50 years. 

I know fans who stop watching the show because they take against a certain actor and then watch those exact episodes they skipped and decide that their hated actor is pretty good after all. Whovians are the TV fans most like sports fans, which is probably why they drive me crazy sometimes.)

Moonbeam City: The novelty of the 80s-inspired design will wear off pretty quickly. Will Rob Lowe's charm sustain it past that point? I doubt it, but I'm hoping to be surprised.

Sleepy Hollow: More crazy stuff that still pales in comparison to the first season.

Best Time Ever: Neil Patrick Harris' live show is Candid Camera meets Battle of the Network Stars. It is so insane, I'm not completely sure if I liked it, or was just flabbergasted by it. It seems too unusual to survive. But live shows are very tweetable, which means people sit through the commercials, so this show will be on forever.

Minority Report will be this year's Almost Human. I'll really like it, but it will disappoint in the ratings and go away too soon.

Scorpion and CSI:Cyber will get record ratings from all the techies hate watching it and bitching about it on social media the next day. I really don't understand that flavor of masochism, which is why I stopped being a Met fan when they went right back to sucking in 1987. 

The Muppets will be a bigger success than the last two attempts to bring the Muppets back into prime time - commercially and artistically. 

Heroes Reborn will be absolutely amazing or a complete train wreck. The pressure is on so they're gonna try their super very best and either rise to the challenge or fail spectacularly. I may have to live tweet the shit out of this one.

Shonda Rhimes will continue to make appointment television. I'm not into nighttime soaps, so I don't watch any of her shows. But I would like to point out that when Joss Whedon had three shows on the air at once, quality suffered. But not Shonda. She's got this.

EW usually prints a chronological list of show premieres that's very helpful when setting your DVR. They didn't do it this year (argh), but Vulture has you covered. 

What shows are you looking forward to?

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  1. You nailed the Dr Who thing. Nailed. It.
    Thanks for the Vulture link. I was irked that EW didn't give us the chrono list this year.


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