Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Time

By this point in my month of daily blogging, I've noticed why I haven't been begging that much. Because I'm a total bummer lately.

And look at the date. Prepare to be bummed out by people who need to remember sad events more loudly on the anniversary of those events.

I've decided to have a little counter programming. So here are a bunch of things that make me happy.

1: This song:

2: The French film, The Visitors. You know Jean Reno, actor, plays international badasses? In this one, he plays a count from the 11th century who gets accidentally sent to 1990s. Hilarity ensues.

3: The Swiss Colony catalog, coming soon to a mailbox near you. Marvel at the boxes of meat and cheese! Dream of petit fours! Gape at the fruitcakes! Mosey down memory lane. Hat tip to tweep  for mentioning this one.

4. My new Kindle. I had a 2nd gen Kindle for years and years. I finally decided to upgrade to a Kindle 7 because with the newer models, you can send web pages to your Kindle. Which means I get to do more reading via digital ink, which is must easier on the eyes than a computer monitor.

5. Those nachos we got at Smorgaburg last weekend. Not worth the falling down and getting hurt part. Like, if someone told me I could have those nachos every day, but only if I fell on my face afterwards every single time? I'd say no. But fi could have them daily without the mishap and injury? My blood would be mostly guacamole.

6. The Quest. You didn't watch it when it was on last summer for reasons that I simply can't fathom. Seriously, what is wrong with people? It's a reality competition show with a fantasy storyline created by some of the producers of Lord of the Rings. A fantasy kingdom needs a hero from another land (ours) to save them from the evil bad guy. People get scored on different skills competitions and then are voted off by their competitors. The contestants decided early on that they wouldn't vote off the strongest competitors to improve their own chances. Instead, they would really try to pick the person who was The One True Hero who could defeat the bad guy. 

They all lived in a castle in Austria, in costume the whole time. The non-player characters were all actors who refused to break character even when the cameras weren't rolling. It's all just so charming and sweet and WHY DIDN'T YOU WATCH IT?!?!?!?

It's streaming on Netflix now, so go watch it so we can talk about it.

7. Netflix streaming. We own hundreds of DVDs, but they're way over there. Ten whole feet away from the couch. What are we, animals? I love being able to watch all sorts of stuff by only picking up my remote control. Welcome to the future.

8. Gilmore Girls! Rory & Lorelei are my friends. I missed this show when it was on the air, despite all the friends telling me that I'd like it. HA and I watched it on Netflix earlier this year and I started my own rewatch the next day because I didn't want it to be over. Despite some bad writing choices in seasons 6 and 7, I may dive right back in.

9. Tomatoes. So many BLTs this year! We've had a few years recently where you couldn't find a tomato worthy of a BLT at any farmers market or supermarket in the city. But this year. This year has been different. Sooooo yummy.

10. Avocado toast. It's the latest craze among semi-affluent white people. A recent map of each state's most popular sandwich actually had avocado toast at the New York State sandwich. Which is insane because you can't get a decent avocado on the East Coast. We finally tried it at a local cafe and that is some good shit right there. I can only imagine that restaurants all over NYC have shelves and shelves of avocados ripening in paper bags because how else are they getting decent avocados?

11. Amazon Prime. His Awesomeness signed us up for this and it's the best and the worst thing ever. Best because I can buy stuff online without worrying about shipping costs. Worst because worrying about shipping costs was the only thing keeping my spending in check. Not that I can't afford anything I've ordered recently, but I'm used to holding off on purchases so I can combine the shipping. Not waiting feels like I'm careening downhill out of control.

12. This picture:

For those of you who watch Mad Men, this is Peggy taking someone's advice to stop worrying about making her male coworkers comfortable around her. I have a copy of this picture in my home office to remind me to stop giving so many fucks.

What makes you happy?

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